Youth and Children

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Rekindle sessions

20.12.2021 | Congregational Life, Pastoral Care, Youth and Children,

Rekindle sessions offer the opportunity to get leaders in your congregation together in your own church premises for a digitally facilitated conversation to consider how best you can build momentum in a variety of areas of church life


30.9.2021 | Congregational Life, Youth and Children,

Help young people to stand firm on the right foundation.

Re-de-fined New

29.9.2021 | Congregational Life, Youth and Children,

Stories of church life done differently as churches open after a period of lockdown

PCI Youth App

2.3.2021 | Congregational Life, Youth and Children,

Free Youth App from PCI for congregations to safely and effectively keep in touch with young people, leaders and parents.


22.2.2021 | Congregational Life, Youth and Children,

Equip young people to live well when they feel their life shaken.

Digital Conversations

17.12.2020 | Congregational Life, Discipleship, Leadership, Youth and Children,

Conversations of around an hour on Microsoft Teams providing mutual encouragement in this disrupted season of church life and facilitating the sharing of ideas on a variety of themes.


12.11.2020 | Youth and Children,

Programming for the next season of children’s and youth ministry in distanced and digital ways.


6.6.2019 | Congregational Life, Youth and Children,

'Called' is an original resource, produced by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, for youth groups in any context. The resource is based on PCI's Youth Night 2019.

The Concorde Travel Fund New

9.4.2019 | Congregational Life, Global Mission, Mission in Ireland, Youth and Children,

Thinking about serving in short-term mission overseas but concerned about your travel costs?