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Into Full Church Membership

3.5.2022 | Congregational Life, Worship and Sacraments,

Welcoming new people into the full membership of the church is an important moment, both for them and in the life of any congregation.


2.8.2018 | Bible Study, Worship and Sacraments,

The Encounter sessions offer a mix of biblical pictures of what it is to meet with God, a way of refreshing our experience of worship and practical suggestions for approaching each Sunday with anticipation and expectation.

Participation in multi-faith civic events

6.7.2018 | GA 2018, Public Affairs, Worship and Sacraments,

The 2018 General Assembly clarified the denomination’s position with regards to participation in multi-faith civic events. You can read the position of the Church here.

Resources for Christian Families

20.6.2018 | Close to Home, Family, Congregational Life, Discipleship, Worship and Sacraments, Youth and Children,

Resources for Christian Families is a booklet summarizing some of the quality, Bible-based, Christ-centred resources available to support parents as they teach the Bible and worship at home with their children and young people.

Baptismal Register

22.5.2017 | Worship and Sacraments, Congregational Life,

Hardback book for recording details of baptisms

Book of Public Worship

7.11.2016 | Worship and Sacraments, Reports,

This resource offers information and guidelines for the public worship of God, sacraments and ordinances, and orders of service for special occasions.

Roll of Communicants

9.3.2016 | Worship and Sacraments, Congregational Life,

Hardback book for recording congregational communicant membership and attendance