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2.8.2018 | Bible Study, Worship and Sacraments,

The Encounter sessions offer a mix of biblical pictures of what it is to meet with God, a way of refreshing our experience of worship and practical suggestions for approaching each Sunday with anticipation and expectation.

Participation in multi-faith civic events

6.7.2018 | GA 2018, Public Affairs, Worship and Sacraments,

The 2018 General Assembly clarified the denomination’s position with regards to participation in multi-faith civic events. You can read the position of the Church here.

Resources for Christian Families

20.6.2018 | Close to Home, Family, Congregational Life, Discipleship, Worship and Sacraments, Youth and Children,

Resources for Christian Families is a booklet summarizing some of the quality, Bible-based, Christ-centred resources available to support parents as they teach the Bible and worship at home with their children and young people.

Baptismal Register

22.5.2017 | Worship and Sacraments, Congregational Life,

Hardback book for recording details of baptisms

Book of Public Worship

7.11.2016 | Worship and Sacraments, Reports,

This resource offers information and guidelines for the public worship of God, sacraments and ordinances, and orders of service for special occasions.

The Battle of the Somme, 1st July 1916 Centenary

21.6.2016 | Worship and Sacraments, Congregational Life,

This Somme Centenary provides an opportunity to commemorate the service and sacrifice of those who lost their lives in the battle, to reflect upon the human cost of conflict and to have prayerful hope for a more peaceful world.