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PW Mission Fund

12.12.2017 | Presbyterian Women,

In an effort to simplify giving and help us to be better stewards of the money raised, Central Committee has decided to have one fund, called the PW Mission Fund.

PW Guidebook

31.10.2017 | Presbyterian Women,

The PW Guidebook has been written to help women make the most of the God-given opportunities which lie ahead. It contains details of how Presbyterian Women is structured and practical advice on how to run a PW Group or PW LINK.

PW Posters

22.8.2017 | Presbyterian Women,

Posters used to resource Presbyterian Women groups

PW Inspirations

12.6.2017 | Presbyterian Women,

Every year, Presbyterian Women has a different theme. God is Able, Here is love and This is the day are just three examples of recent themes. Each new theme allows groups to explore a fresh Biblical truth or idea.  Grow and bear fruit is the theme for 2017-2018.

PW Volunteer Bank

10.11.2016 | Presbyterian Women,

The PW Volunteer Bank is composed of PW members who volunteer themselves for consideration for various roles.

PW Programme Card

9.9.2016 | Presbyterian Women,

Programme cards – Groups can download this extra sheet for programme cards to give out to members.

PW Information PowerPoint slides

9.9.2016 | Presbyterian Women,

PW Information PowerPoint slides – A ready-made PowerPoint presentation featuring the PW logo, motto and aims.

PW General Resources

29.6.2016 | Presbyterian Women,

A collection of information and resources available on the work of PW.

Wider World

9.3.2016 | Magazines & Newsletters, Presbyterian Women,

Wider World is the magazine of Presbyterian Women.