Pastoral Care

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10.5.2021 | Leadership, Pastoral Care,

An opportunity for ministers to rest, to reflect, to listen and to fellowship with one another.

Using the Bible in pastoral care cards

12.6.2019 | Pastoral Care,

These cards are designed for use by elders and others who deliver pastoral care for sharing a Bible passage and include a suggested prayer. A PDF version for use on smartphones is also available.

Taking Care Chapter 11

23.10.2018 | Safeguarding, Pastoral Care, Social Witness,

An updated version of Chapter 11 from the Taking Care Guidelines

Life after loss

11.5.2018 | Congregational Life, Pastoral Care,

This booklet aims to answer some of the questions asked about loss of a loved one from the perspective of Christian faith.

Pastoral life videos

11.12.2017 | Pastoral Care, Congregational Life, Video,

These three videos are for use in equipping people in three different aspects of congregational pastoral life.

Pastoral care training: mental health awareness

18.10.2017 | Pastoral Care, Congregational Life,

A course for raising awareness about mental health and pastoral care for elders, pastoral care teams and others involved in congregational pastoral care.

Pastoral care training: bereavement

15.3.2017 | Pastoral Care, Congregational Life,

A course for equipping in pastoral care of people who are grieving loss of a loved one or other significant losses in life.

Praying Through Scripture

24.10.2016 | Guidelines, Pastoral Care, Prayer, Social Witness,

A series of praying Scripture leaflets to use as a resource for pastoral ministry.

Mental Health Resources List

14.10.2016 | Congregational Life, Pastoral Care,

The following list of suggested resources and support services on mental health is provided for anyone involved in congregational pastoral care.