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12.1.2022 | Leadership, Pastoral Care,

An opportunity for ministers to rest, to reflect, to listen and to fellowship with one another.

Digital Conversations

17.12.2020 | Congregational Life, Discipleship, Leadership, Youth and Children,

Conversations of around an hour on Microsoft Teams providing mutual encouragement in this disrupted season of church life and facilitating the sharing of ideas on a variety of themes.

Moderator in conversation...

29.10.2020 | General Assembly, Leadership, Video/Animation, Video,

To introduce the Presbyterian Moderator Dr David Bruce, these videos give an insight into his family life, ministry to date and his views on becoming Moderator during a global pandemic.

Together again - Covid-19

24.8.2020 | Congregational Life, Leadership, Guidelines,

As lockdown restrictions gradually ease, congregations need to consider how they will begin to resume activities and what practical steps need to be taken to allow them to do so responsibly within the regulations determined by government public health bodies.

Opening up to God

17.8.2020 | Leadership,

Resource for kirk sessions or organisational leaders during the Coronavirus pandemic

Choosing New Elders

4.10.2019 | Congregational Life, Leadership,

What to look for in choosing new elders.

PCI Conciliation Service

24.10.2017 | Conciliation Service, Congregational Life, Leadership,

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland Conciliation Service exists to assist Presbyterians in dispute to find resolution.

Valuable Leadership

25.8.2017 | Leadership, Congregational Life,

A resource designed to help leaders in congregations think together about aspects of what it looks like to lead well.

Prepared to Lead

2.8.2017 | Leadership, Training for Eldership,

This is a course for the training of new elders prior to ordination. It can be also used as refresher training for existing elders.