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6.9.2023 | Bible Study, Congregational Life, Discipleship, Prayer,

Tides is a simple resource to help you develop a regular rhythm of bible reading. As part of our vision to resource whole life disciples across the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, the purpose of Tides is to help God’s people discover afresh what regular engagement with God and His word can mean for their lives.


6.9.2023 | Congregational Life,

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24.7.2023 | Bible Study, Congregational Life, Women's Ministry, Discipleship, Prayer, Presbyterian Women,

Inspiring women, living for Jesus


21.3.2023 | Congregational Life, Worship and Sacraments,

A suite of resources for use in congregational life to increase understanding and appreciation of the sacrament of baptism.

Back Together Again

14.3.2023 | Congregational Life,

The Back Together Again resource is offered as a short, simple, stimulus to thinking and talking about how this next season in church life might take shape in your congregation

Getting going again – Present

27.9.2022 | Congregational Life,

Churches, schools, community groups, sports clubs and businesses make up the fabric of a local community in very tangible ways. This became very evident during the pandemic as each of these pillars endeavoured to respond in practical ways to local needs. There were great examples of congregations reaching out in partnership such as allowing a school to use church facilities, joined up foodbank collections and hamper distributions, and supporting the lonely through regular telephone calls.

Getting going again – Preludes

27.9.2022 | Congregational Life,

Even though it isn’t a word we use every day, most of us have experience of preludes. They are the kind of actions or events that serve as an introduction to something fuller. In the musical world, preludes introduce an opera. They also appear in works of fiction as a kind of scene setter for the story that is about to be unfolded in chapter 1. But in less formal usage, the idea of a prelude has come to be used more generally as a soft or gradual warm up to the main thing.

Getting going again – Preparing

27.9.2022 | Congregational Life,

Whilst we were unable to gather for activities during the pandemic, individual church members were present in the community more than ever due to furlough and home working. This allowed new and deeper relationships to be built with neighbours as we journeyed through a genuinely shared experience. Building on these relationships opens up great opportunities for community witness in our everyday conversations.