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Honest Evangelism

13.10.2016 | Close to Home, Welcome,

A Short, clear and realistic book which challenges us to be honest in our conversations about Jesus.

Together With God

13.10.2016 | Close to Home, Family,

An inspiring and useful collection of real stories from real families, which serves to encourage Christian parents.

Reformed Worship web magazine

13.10.2016 | Close to Home, Sacrament, Worship,

A quarterly magazine that provides practical help and support to worship planners.

Raiding the Lost Ark

13.10.2016 | Close to Home, Covenant Theology,

An accessible book which looks at each of the covenants and their significance in understanding the new covenant in Christ.

Family Ministry Field Guide

13.10.2016 | Close to Home, Community, Family,

A practical guide for church leaders who want to develop a "family equipping" ministry.

The Family Friendly Church

13.10.2016 | Close to Home, Welcome,

An excellent book for understanding the reality of supporting Christian families.

Heirs of the Covenant

12.10.2016 | Close to Home, Community, Covenant Theology,

A helpful book on the Covenant God has made to His people.

Family-Based Youth Ministry

12.10.2016 | Close to Home, Community, Family,

This book gives principles and practical actions to help churches and families work together to pass on faith.