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Presbyterian Women encourages women to become disciples of Christ.



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2015 Annual Meetings

The 2015 Annual Meetings will take place in Assembly Buildings, Belfast, on Thursday, 7th May at 2pm and Friday, 8th May at 7.30pm. The guest speaker at both events is author and blogger Emma Scrivener. The seminar events "Love in the darkness" and "Here is love" will take place on Friday, 8th May starting at 2pm. Click on the images above to download a PDF of the Annual Meeting poster and further information on Emma and the seminars.

PCI Structures Update

On 1st January 2015, Presbyterian Women became part of the wider work of the Council for Congregational Life and Witness. The current membership of the PW Central Committee will form the membership of the PW Strategy and Coordination Committee for the transition period of 1st January 2015 to the 2016 General Assembly. A new PW Strategy and Coordination Committee will then be appointed in line with General Assembly policy. For more details download PCI Structures update below.

In the photographs above (Lā€“R) are Rev. Graham Connor, Convener for Congregational Life and Witness; Valerie Stewart, Convener of the PW Strategy and Coordination Committee; and Rev. David Thompson, Secretary for Congregational Life and Witness Council.

Download PCI Structures Update.


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Helpful Articles ā€“ an archive of some relevant  topics that were covered in the PW Wider World magazine.Deputation Form ā€“ To be used if a Deaconess or a member of PW Central Committee is being requested.