Prison Week – Prisoners


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Prison Week – Prisoners

Social Witness

This week our prayers come from a staff member of Thompson House, our Criminal Justice Hostel on the Antrim Road, Belfast.

Father, as we reflect over the damage caused by criminal activity in our local communities we pray that there would be unity and support for those affected. We pray that our communities would be a safe place and areas where people can flourish and grow. We pray that as we live out our lives we would recognise that every one of us is made in the image and likeness of God and therefore deserving of our respect.

Pray for the prisoners themselves. Pray that they would use this time to reflect on their own circumstances and be prompted by the Holy Spirit to trust in Jesus, thereby finding true freedom.

Pray that the prisoners would engage with prison chaplains and prison fellowship and pray that as they engage with them, they would recognise that they are not beyond the limits of God’s love.