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Published Wednesday, 21st June 2017

More information on the nature and scope of Presbyterian Global Mission’s work and partnerships is available online at:

Global Refugee Crisis

The world refugee crisis continues daily despite it falling from our news headlines.  The United Nations reports that a record 65.6 million people were displaced or living as refugees in the world in 2016. 

More than half of refugees are from Syria / Afghanistan / South Sudan – all of whom have suffered years of conflict.  Globally, Syrians still represent the largest forcibly displaced population with 12 million (65%) of its population displaced. 

However, the world's fastest growing refugee crisis is in South Sudan, where more than three million people, (one third of its population), have fled their homes.  Many have sought sanctuary in neighbouring Uganda. 

People continue to lose their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Africa to Europe.  According to the International Organisation for Migration, so far this year 81,292 migrants and refugees arrived by sea to Europe and almost 2,000 people are believed to have died attempting the crossing. 

Pray for all those who feel they have little choice but to leave their homes, often risking their lives to seek safety, security and well-being elsewhere.  Pray for their safety and that those in need of humanitarian and / or medical assistance will receive it. 

Pray for those countries receiving refugees, that they might reflect God’s grace, mercy and love in welcoming those in need.

Remember those who are unable to flee or who choose to remain in places of danger and / or severe economic difficulty, who have seen their local community decimated as so many have left.  Pray that they will be protected and for humanitarian and medical assistance to reach all those who need it. 



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World Development: Seeking justice, showing compassion

PCI’s World Development Committee (WDC) enables our church to share in God’s creative purposes for communities everywhere in the building of justice and developing active practices of care for all God has made, to the end that all peoples might know the fullness of life which is in Christ Jesus.

WDC plans, promotes and oversees the annual World Development Appeal which funds sustainable development projects primarily through PCI’s partners, Christian Aid and Tearfund, and with 5% of funding channelled through partner church development programmes.

The 2016 Appeal continues to focus on the relationships between development and climate justice. The highlighted partners are in El Salvador (PROCARES) and Brazil (ACEV, “Evangelical Action”), and their projects focus on sustainable shrimp farming in vulnerable coastal zones, and access to water and crop development in semi-arid regions.

Give thanks for generous giving to the 2016 World Development Appeal.  So far over £500,000 has been raised!

Pray for PCI’s partners, Christian Aid and Tearfund, as they support local development initiatives among the poor and most vulnerable.

Preparation and care of PCI global mission workers

PCI currently has 33 global mission workers serving in 11 countries around the world. 

Pray for all our global mission workers, for their health, safety and spiritual protection as they serve the Lord overseas. 

Pray that the Lord will give them wisdom and guidance, and that they will be encouraged by seeing people coming to faith in Christ and growing in their love for the Lord.

Pray for God’s leading and guiding for those involved in listening, guiding, training and preparing individuals and families for service in mission overseas with partner churches, institutions and mission organisations.

Thank God for each member of the Personnel Panel.  Pray for God’s wisdom and discussions as they provide the framework, processes and guidelines needed to care, encourage and support overseas mission personnel.


Steve Anderson reports that June has been a month of transition for Torre del Mar Presbyterian congregation.  “With some of the ex-pat community returning to the UK for the summer period, we said ‘hasta luego’ to a number of those who would spend time with us across the rest of the year,” writes Steve.  “We will pick those contacts up again in the autumn.  Alongside this we are also preparing for the summer months with the influx of tourists, raising our profile on public noticeboards, in hotels and anywhere else that might give us an opening.”

Pray for four people who have no church background or faith connections who have come to church services on different Sundays this month.  Pray for further opportunities for conversation, and that they will each come to faith in Christ.

Ask the Lord to guide, lead, and protect the congregation as they seek to honour Him and live out Christian community together.

Pray that the congregation would grow in faith and knowledge of Jesus and have the courage to bear witness to those they know. 


Stephen Cowan reports from Tuum, “The drought will continue as rains have been very short.  The remaining animals are reasonably healthy, but body condition will reduce in the months ahead as the local fodder is almost finished.  Unfortunately some of the old men are more focused on rite of passage ceremonies than providing for their families in the coming months.”

Give thanks for those who attended the June Bible teaching time and are growing in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Pray for stability over the election campaigning months, as people’s minds are dominated by the expectation of a political rally.

Pray for the youth camp planned for August, just after the election, and the team from Magheramason Presbyterian church and others from N. Ireland who will be travelling to Kenya to lead the camps. 

Continue to pray for the release of finances to cover the increasing costs associated with cushioning the effects of the ongoing drought.

Pray for Kasoni as she balances work and study, and the oversight of the girls in Seren.

Pray for the two students on the YWAM Discipleship Training School as they go on two months’ outreach throughout Kenya.

Asians in the UK

Christopher and Nivedita Benjamin continue to reach out to Gujarati expatriates in the Wembley area of London. 

Pray that God will grant Christopher and Nivedita many opportunities to share the good news of the gospel.

Praise the Lord for the monthly prayer meetings they organise and for all who attend them.

Pray that Nivedita’s weekly meditation ‘Manna’, will be an inspiration to all who receive it.

Bible Societies in Ireland

Catherine Little from the Bible Society in Northern Ireland writes:

We continue to pray for the situation in East Africa where famine and drought are causing food shortages and starvation.  We think especially of the Bible Society in South Sudan as they face this crisis alongside the ongoing conflict and trauma experienced by their people.  The Bible Society there have partnered with local churches to deliver trauma healing, a Bible based programme to help both children and adults deal with the impact of war and conflict.  Pray as they continue to reach out with God’s Word in very challenging circumstances.

We think about people who have had their lives devastated by Cyclone Mora in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.  Many people have lost their lives with thousands of people losing their homes, including those in refugee camps.  Pray for the Bible Society teams in both countries as they work with authorities and churches to bring aid as well as showing God’s love in very difficult circumstances.

Pray for the global fellowship of the United Bible Societies.  Representatives from around the world are gathering in Sydney, Australia in early July to discuss future projects and priorities.  Pray for safe travel, positive discussions and increased collaboration between Bible Societies across the world. 

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World – 27 May to 25 June 2017

The vision of ‘30 Days of Prayer’ is to call Christians to pray with love and respect for Muslims around the world during Ramadan (27th May – 25th June 2017).  Interserve produced a special prayer guide and information booklet and over the next few weeks, Prayerline will feature one prayer request from the booklet for each day:

Wed. 21 June         Pray for Muslims around the world to have a special awareness of the presence of God. 

Thu. 22 June       Pray for Muslims in Europe who live with the threat of hate crime. 

Fri. 23 June         Pray for the Gonja people of North Ghana and for Gonjas believers to understand how to share their faith with their families.

Sat. 24 June        Pray for the Komering people of Indonesia and for Christians working amongst them to share their faith.

Sun. 25 June      Pray that Christians in all nations affected by extremism, that they will able to follow the teaching of Christ to love our enemies.  Pray for Muslims who are involved in, or think about becoming involved in, terrorist activity.  Pray for the victims of violence and for the wisdom for government leaders.

For more information on 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World – go to



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