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Published Wednesday, 14th February 2018

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Derek and Jane French write, “Several people have shown an interest in joining the team in this coming year. As always there is a great need for more team members. In particular, we are still looking for a full-time staff worker for Grupos BĂ­blios Unidos in Northern Spain (perhaps based in Bilbao). Timmy continues to work alongside us and is based in San Sebastian.”

Pray for the students who are considering coming to Spain this year, that God would clearly guide them and direct them to the right ministry and place. Continue to pray for the provision of more workers.

Pray that God would raise up national leaders who are grounded in God’s Word and have a heart for the gospel.

Steve Anderson is due to complete his assignment in Torre del Mar at the end of June and the Torre del Mission Church Project will come to an end. Over the next few months, Steve will be seeking out another church connection for the small community there, and doing some basic training with members to allow them to prepare material themselves for Sunday mornings.

Pray that the congregation will continue to bind and have a positive view of the adventure that lies ahead of them.

Pray for wisdom and gentleness as Steve seeks to encourage and develop skills in a new leadership team.

Give thanks for the local contacts and for the possibility of a small resource library. Pray that these will be fruitful and utilised for networking and learning.

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Ilona Veres sends the following prayer requests from the Diakonia’s mission project in the village of Mera:

Pray for the ongoing work in Mera with Roma parents. This term the staff will hold seminars for parents on the themes of ‘Parental stress’ and ‘Being social media smart’.

Pray for good communication with the parents and deep, open relationships.

Give thanks for Marta and the YWAM team members working in Mera on several building projects, repairing housing for poor families and also joining in the literacy and children’s ministry.

Pray for mutual prayer support and practical assistance as Ilona and the other staff at the Mission Centre work together to reach the Roma community, calling them to new life in Christ.


Gary and Mary Reid report that on returning to Olkinyiei after Christmas they were overwhelmed by the number of people looking for assistance. 

Pray for God to give wisdom to Gary and Mary as they make decisions about so many different situations that arise from day to day. Pray that they will be ever receptive and obedient to God’s leading, for His glory.

Continue to pray for the Maasai people, that God’s Holy Spirit will move mightily in Maasailand, drawing many to our Saviour, and drawing them into a deeper relationship with the Lord, for His glory, honour and praise.

Stephen Cowan writes, “The cattle raiding continues in some places. Water availability is also reducing. The cultural norms for bride price remain the same as years ago, and as population increases and weather patterns change, the pressure on the young men means they often steal cattle from other ethnic groups.”

Pray for those in leadership to deal with the real issues and for aid agencies to look for long term solutions.

Pray for the monthly teaching time starting on Sunday when many people from the seven villages will gather in Tuum for Bible teaching. 

Pray for the new principal at PCEA Tuum Girls’ Secondary School who is trying to increase the student population by welcoming girls to come to the school, even without them paying the fees. 

Pray for Kasoni as she spends some days in Seren talking to parents about the gospel and the importance of education as a life skill. Stephen comments, “Many people are happy to believe in Jesus but don't want [their] culture to be challenged”. 

Pray for ongoing building work in Seren and Tuum as funds become available.


Lyn and Johnny Dowds write, “'Living Trees of Livingstonia’ is working with the 21 schools in our area to encourage improvements in education, nutrition and facilities to ensure the children in the area get the best opportunities possible. We have started the new project which will utilise local knowledge and the current wet season to help improve the nutrition of the children. Around 80% of children attending school arrive at school without eating breakfast. The schools lack many things including the buildings, furniture and teachers to name a few. The overcrowded rooms with inexperienced and poorly trained teachers cause even the brightest children to struggle to learn. Our aim is to tackle poverty in its many forms, to improve the education of the children and build up the community of Livingstonia.”

Pray for the projects being run in the community, that all goes well and that the community will be ready for change.

Pray for guidance for Lyn and Johnny as they work with the community and the schools, and that they will always be sensitive to their needs and traditions.

Pray for the David Gordon Memorial Hospital in Livingstonia dealing with staff shortages and funding issues. Pray for the safety of the workers and patients as the wet season begins.

Pray too for a good harvest as rains remain patchy currently.


FEBA, as followers of Jesus Christ, enables partners and communities to use life-giving media for lasting transformation.

Yesterday (13 February) was World Radio Day, an annual day established to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of radio. In many parts of the world, radio continues to be the main way the majority of the population access information, news, help and advice. Pray for FEBA’s partners as they use radio to help transform the lives of listeners.

Give thanks for the supply, delivery and training on new equipment for a project in north-east Africa. Pray for the producers as they record and produce a daily programme. Pray that the ‘Reality Church’ programme content would encourage believers who are unable to go to church.

The speaker system at Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe has been expanded so that patients and waiting relatives located beyond the central hospital building are now able to hear programmes. Give thanks that people are now able to engage with social and spiritual issues that are discussed in the programmes, as well as being entertained while they wait.

Pray for project teams as they maintain equipment, which in many places has to operate in hot and dusty conditions. Pray that through good stewardship the efficiency and life of equipment can be maximised.

Give thanks for the equipment and technology that enables programme producers to make good sound quality programmes and allow listeners to contribute through being interviewed locally or calling-in to programmes. Pray that transmitters are able to provide a reliable broadcast service so that listeners can hear their regular programmes and be encouraged by the consistent presence of the presenters.

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