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Published Wednesday, 20th September 2017

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Parts of the Caribbean and south west USA have been devastated by severe hurricanes this season. Tragically yet another hurricane – ‘Maria’ – is now travelling across islands where so many houses and buildings are already lying in ruins. 

Pray for all those affected by hurricanes.  Pray that everyone will get the emergency relief supplies they need, as well as help to rebuild homes, schools, and livelihoods which have been damaged or destroyed. 

Pray too for Christian churches in the areas affected, that the leaders and members will remain strong in their faith and be good witnesses for Christ to their communities during times of difficulty. 




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East Africa Food Crisis

In March, the Moderator launched a special appeal for the food crisis in East Africa in response to the worst drought to hit the region in over half a century. £576,582 was raised by the Appeal with funds distributed to Christian Aid, Tearfund and the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan’s Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency (PRDA). 

Christian Aid and local partners are working relentlessly across East Africa providing clean drinking water; distributing food and vouchers; feeding and treating hundreds of malnourished livestock owned by pastoralist families; and providing cash support so that families can purchase food, medicines, pay school fees and purchase other essential items.

Tearfund have been working hard with their partners providing humanitarian assistance, sanitation, and health education to vulnerable families in various locations across East Africa. They’ve also given children and pregnant and lactating mothers treatment for malnutrition, along with nutrition and hygiene education.

PRDA are using funds received to help people who have fled their homes due to the ongoing fighting in the country, and have been hiding in the bush without shelter and food, mainly in Jebelian County, Nyirol and Pibor. PRDA has been providing food, shelter, medicine, water and conducting workshops on trauma healing. 

Give thanks for the generosity of PCI members in supporting the Moderator’s Appeal 2017 seeking to alleviate hunger across East Africa.

Pray for all those still affected by the food crisis and who are reliant on food aid. 

Pray for Christian Aid, Tearfund and PRDA as they continue to help people in need and ensure that funds raised are put to use where needed most.

Junior BB Project – 'Revamp the Camp – Romania'

The Presbyterian Boys' Brigade World Mission Committee recently launched this year's PCI Junior Boys’ Brigade (BB) project, 'Revamp the Camp – Romania’ which aims to raise £8,000 to pay for the much-needed refurbishment of the bedrooms in the Algyogy campsite in north west Romania, which is owned by the Reformed Church in Romania. 

Last year's PCI Junior BB project entitled ‘Crossing the Line – Kenya’, raised over £8,000 to help produce booklets to give children in Kenya a good Christian foundation as they enter their teenage years. A small percentage of funds raised by the project each year is given to the BB Global Fellowship to support the worldwide work of the Boys’ Brigade.

Give thanks for the Junior BB officers and boys who raised money for last year’s ‘Crossing the Line – Kenya’ appeal.

Pray that this year’s 'Revamp the Camp – Romania’ project will be well-supported too. 

Middle East

Colin and Marjorie Dickson continue to serve at JETS. In the Middle East, PCI also partners with the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon, the Near East School of Theology and Bethlehem Bible College.

Pray for our partners as they prepare Christian servant-leaders for ministry and mission.

Pray for the large numbers of displaced people, refugees, and all suffering due to conflicts and violence.

Pray for religious freedom and lasting peace in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and throughout the Middle East.

South Sudan

The civil war in South Sudan continues. Since the conflict began in December 2013, tens of thousands of people have been killed and around 3.5 million people have fled their homes. 

Pray for an immediate end to all the violence and wrong-doing, and pray for successful peace talks.

Pray for those suffering displacement from their homes and who are in need of humanitarian relief, especially those facing food shortages. Pray that each person will receive the assistance they need. 

Give thanks for the aid agencies working in South Sudan and in neighbouring countries providing humanitarian assistance to internally displaced people and refugees. Pray for them as they continue this work to prevent further suffering and death. 

Remember especially the work of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan’s Relief and Development Agency seeking to help those in need. 

Pray for the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) led by Rt Rev Peter Gai, (Moderator), Rev. John Yor, (General Secretary) and Rev James Makuei in charge of relief work.


The country of Kenya awaits the rerun of the presidential election arranged for 17th October 2017, however tensions are rising between people on either side of the political divide. 

Pray for wise utterances by political and church leaders.

Stephen Cowan sends the following prayer requests from Tuum in northern Kenya:

Give thanks for a good adult seminar this month in Tuum, and for the increased number of men attending.

Pray for Rev Jacob Ochieng as he begins his ministry in the Baragoi area. Pray that he in will settle in well to mission work amongst a people to whom the gospel is very new.

Give thanks for the iServe Africa apprentices, James Ochieng and Rogers Omondi as they develop connections with the community. They will be involved with the PCEA Tuum Girls’ Secondary School (TGSS) as girls prepare for the form 4 exams.

Pray for TGSS where there are several issues which need to be resolved soon.

Pray for local leadership issues, and that Christians in positions of authority will act wisely and courageously. 

Pray for planning of the December youth camp and for the team from Nairobi as they meet and prepare.


Rev. Prof. James Haire and Mary Haire, former PCI missionaries to Halmahera, Indonesia, are currently visiting the Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera (Gereja Masehi Injili di Halmahera – GMIH).

Give thanks for a very inspiring five-yearly General Synod of our partner church, the Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera. The Synod is being held this week in Buli, in eastern Halmahera, and at the opening service of the Synod, the new Buli Central Church was dedicated. It is the largest church building in Halmahera, and some 3,000 members attended the opening service of the Synod. Rev. Prof. James Haire presented Bible Studies for the Synod.

Give thanks for the efforts of the church to bring a small group of disaffected congregations back into the church’s fold. The major difficulty has been the strident liberalism of these congregations, tending towards syncretism, and the church has been seeking to return them to orthodoxy in faith.

Pray for continued good and peaceful relations between Christians and Muslims in Halmahera.

Vanuatu (Pacific Islands)

Ian and Pat Hart have arrived at Talua (the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu's theological college), where they are covering for two teachers who are on leave this term. Ian is teaching mainly Old Testament and Pat is teaching English. English is the students' third language and despite passing the English entrance examination, many have great difficulty coping with lectures and assignments and theological books in English.  

Talua is a residential college with about 70 full-time students – mostly Presbyterian. The Harts taught at the college for six months in 2015 and are enjoying renewing old friendships and making new ones.  

 Give thanks that Ian and Pat have arrived safely and are settling into life and work in Vanuatu.

Pray that God will help them in their teaching, mentoring, and numerous other involvements.

Pray too that the students will be enabled to learn and be prepared for their future work as leaders in the church and in Vanuatu.


Gill Knowles from Feba sends the following prayer requests regarding Feba’s work in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

Give thanks for the Voice of a Child project in Kinshasa which works to provide support, training and advice to street-living children, as well as challenging the negative attitudes in the wider community about them.

Give thanks for the Christian FM radio station which has started broadcasting the programmes produced by child reporters, through which they are sharing their experiences of living on the street.

Some of the children participating in this project have gone on to pursue other education, training or income generation opportunities. Give thanks for these positive changes and pray that the children would find a better future ahead of them.

Pray for the monthly outreach activities that take place and support positive debate on the issues important for street-living children and provide feedback for the radio shows.

Pray for Feba’s role in the project especially as they provide audio resources to educate local pastors about the situation of street-living children and seek local church engagement with the issues.

Give thanks for the radio drama that the children have contributed to which helps explore the issues facing them living on the street.

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