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Published Wednesday, 29th March 2017

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East Africa

The food crisis / famine across East Africa continues daily.  Although it may not be hitting the news headlines, millions of people remain in desperate need of aid and some are dying due to malnutrition and starvation.

Sadly last Saturday (25th), six aid workers were tragically killed in an ambush in South Sudan. 

Pray for those needing food, water or medical assistance to receive it promptly. 

Pray for the control and prevention of diseases.

Pray for rain to ease the crisis.

Pray for peace in South Sudan and for the safety and protection of all aid workers. 

Pray for all involved in the aid effort – especially our partners – Christian Aid, Tearfund and the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan’s relief and development agency.

For more information on the Moderator's Appeal for the East Africa Crisis and how to donate, go to:

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This weekend (31st March to 2nd April) Grupos BĂ­blicos Unidos (GBU) is holding its General Assembly near Madrid.  This is a time to review the past year of student ministry across Spain and plan for the year ahead.

Pray that the General Assembly will be a time of encouragement for the students and the workers.

Pray for wisdom, clarity and spiritual refreshment.



Steve Anderson is delighted to report that during March, a woman who had been coming along to the church for a few months, made a profession of faith in Jesus. 

The church in Torre del Mar plans to show two Billy Graham films; one this Sunday (2nd) and the other the following Sunday (9th). 

Pray for the woman who has come to faith, that she will know the Lord´s protection and grow in grace and truth.

Pray for the showing of the Billy Graham films and that those invited may come along and respond to the gospel message.


Middle East

Colin Dickson reports that the Doctor of Ministry’s spring programme started at JETS on 27th March and runs for three weeks.  He writes, “It provides an exciting opportunity to interact with 20 pastors from Jordan and Egypt and to hear how the gospel is impacting life and ministry in their locations.  Despite the threat of persecution, the Egyptians remain bold in proclaiming the gospel in their own country.”

Marjorie’s role in the library brings her into constant contact with many of the students.  Several of them (Iraqi students) are getting ready to leave for countries in the West as it is no longer safe to return to their home countries. Colin and Marjorie write, “We are sad to see them go, yet we are confident that they have been trained and equipped to share the gospel in the West as well as throughout the Middle East.  It is a joy and a privilege to contribute to their training.”

Give thanks for the Doctor of Ministry students, who give up a lot to attend the courses.  Pray that the three weeks spent at JETS will strengthen their ministries and contribute to building the Kingdom in Egypt and Jordan.

Pray that God would continue to strengthen staff and faculty relationships and that together they would continue to be a witness to the students of God’s grace and love.

Middle East

In the Middle East, PCI also partners with the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL); the Near East School of Theology (NEST) in Beirut, and Bethlehem Bible College (BBC). 

Pray for our partners as they prepare Christian servant-leaders for ministry and mission.

Pray for courageous witness amongst Jewish and Arab communities.

Pray for the large numbers of displaced, refugees, and all suffering due to conflicts; and for religious freedom and lasting peace in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and throughout the region. 


South Sudan / Sudan 

A team of church leaders from the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) are currently on a short mission trip to Sudan.  The purpose of the mission trip is to meet with pastors and elders who have fled to Sudan due to the conflict in South Sudan which began in 2013.  Hundreds of thousands of people from South Sudan are living as refugees in Sudan, many in the capital Khartoum.  They face many challenges, not least the Islamic regime in Sudan.

The PCOSS reports that there are many challenges facing Christian churches in Sudan, including a plan to demolish more than 28 churches in Khartoum.  Some pastors who spoke out against this were arrested and later released including the Chairman of the Sudan Council of Churches, who is the Moderator of Sudan Presbytery – Rev. Mubarak Hamad Sadiq.  The team has been in Sudan since last Friday (24th) and is due to return to South Sudan tomorrow (30th).

Pray for those refugees living in Sudan that they will receive the humanitarian assistance they need.

Pray that the pastors and members of PCOSS which the team visited will be encouraged by the team’s visit, and that they will remain strong in their faith.

Pray too for the protection of the Christian community in Sudan and that the plans to demolish the churches will not proceed.



Stephen Cowan reports that there are signs of rain in the Tuum area, but basically none yet.  He writes, “Cattle are managing, with most of what should have been culled, already dead.  More will likely die after the rain as disease will increase.  We are still bringing in some feed to sell.  Preparations are in place to plant again this season, and try to get the people more involved at different stages, learning that most of the world’s food is grown during certain seasons.

Preparations are also underway for youth camps in Tuum, which will start on 10th April.  These will be led by a team from iServe Africa who are coming to Seren and Tuum for their month’s outreach as part of their discipleship training.”

Pray for a passion for Jesus to be rekindled in many of the young people. 

Give thanks for some people who have returned to church in Tuum.

Pray for the students who will attend the YWAM Discipleship School in April.

Pray for the gospel to impact lives as Jesus is preached and lived.


Stephen and Laura Coulter have been settling back into their work in Nepal, following their recent home assignment.  Laura met with Micah Nepal recently to hear how the new mediators’ work is progressing.

Laura writes, “The 18 new mediators who were trained in foundation level mediation skills are a diverse group representing the Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian religions.  It was good to see the participants work so well together.  They showed a real desire to know more about mediation and to enhance their skills.”  Laura received encouraging feedback from some participants.  Micah Nepal is currently facilitating monthly meetings where these new mediators can share mediation experiences and learn from each other.  Laura will meet them in April to hear how they are getting on.  She is also planning a two-day training on workplace mediation for senior United Mission to Nepal (UMN) staff in early April.

Stephen is continuing with his counselling and mentoring work to a number of people both inside and outside UMN.  He is also planning a cluster visit with his manager to meet with UMN’s psycho-social counsellors and hopes to build on training which they delivered to this group in December 2016

Give thanks for the broad-ranging witness of CNI.

Pray for leaders and members that they will be faithful and seek every opportunity to build Christ’s Kingdom. 

Pray for CNI’s various ministries and that they will be guided by the Lord in all they seek to do for Him.

Conference – 'As Others See Us'

Jacob Thomas, lecturer in missiology at Belfast Bible College and originally from India, will share his observations about our faith expression in Ireland at a special conference PCI is holding tomorrow Thursday, 30th March. 

Give thanks for the great interest shown in the conference – which is fully booked. 

Pray for Jacob Thomas as he speaks and for good round-table discussions.

Bible Societies in Ireland

Catherine Little from the Bible Society in Northern Ireland writes:

In the last week colleagues from Bible Societies all over the world have been gathered in Berlin for a Publishing Conference with the theme ‘Breaking Barriers, Bringing Hope’.  Bible Societies can break barriers to people having access to God’s Word and therefore bring hope through His Word.  By gathering together, Bible Societies can collaborate resources and increase levels of innovation.

Whilst news from South Sudan is often about famine, hunger, civil unrest and suffering, today we received news from the Bible Society in South Sudan about a Bible Translation into the Mabaan language for the first time.  The Bible Society in South Sudan was only created in 2012 and has finished this project early despite being in very difficult circumstances.  Praise God for His provision for this work to be completed for the Mabaan people.  Pray for the distribution of God’s Word to this community.

We heard recently from the Bible Society in Peru about terrible flooding which has devastated many parts of the country impacting many thousands of people.  The Bible Society is continuing its work to provide physical and spiritual nourishment to children through the ‘Bread of Life’ project even in these difficult circumstances.  Pray for safety and protection for those involved in this project that has such a significant impact on severely malnourished children in Peru.


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