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26.6.2020 | General Assembly, Moderator, Church Life, COVID-19 Emergency

As he approaches the end of his first month in office, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland is releasing a series of four short videos chats with its new Moderator, Rt Rev Dr David Bruce.

The Moderator was in conversation earlier this month with James McCormick, head of PCI’s Creative Production Department, and the encounter took place in Assembly Buildings in Belfast, PCI’s all-Ireland headquarters, where most of the denomination’s General Assemblies have taken place since 1905.

Entitled simply, ‘Moderator in conversation’, the vast Assembly Hall, which has a capacity of 1,150, was the ‘cosy’ venue for the series. Shot in colour and black and white, it gave Dr Bruce, the 174th person to hold the office of Moderator since 1840, the opportunity to introduce himself as PCI’s principle public representative - and for followers on PCI’s social media platforms, an opportunity to get to know him.

In the first episode of these short video chats, Dr Bruce talks about his unique installation experience, prior to the Standing Commission of the General Assembly at the start of the month, as well as his reaction to the Covid-19 emergency. He also talks about the ongoing changes and challenges it has brought to the Church, the essential role prayer plays in our lives, especially in times of crisis, and the emergence of a new habit of kindness, as people go the extra mile for one another.

The first specially commissioned short video aired across PCI’s social media platforms last night, and you can watch it here.

Over the next three nights, the remaining videos feature the Moderator talking about his theme for the year ‘Home’, his working life and career, and finally a more personal conversation about what makes him tick.

“These days are a time of change and a time of so many different ‘firsts’. We have had to reinvent how fellowship works in the Body of Christ, learnt new ways to communicate on a Sunday, and in our day-to-day lives, even new ways to shop. In the same way, I think this is the first time we have done this kind of thing with a new Moderator, and I hope you get to know me a little,” Dr Bruce said.

You can watch and listen to all of the Moderator in conversation short video chats here.

You can watch Dr Bruce’s formal election and installation as Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, which took place on 1 June 2020, here.

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