Abortion: The Courts & the Government

29.6.2017 | Statements, Public Affairs

Following developments today in Belfast and London, which relate to abortion in Northern Ireland, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland released the following statement.

We are deeply saddened and puzzled that on the same day the Court of Appeal in Belfast concluded by a majority decision that it should “not intervene” on this highly sensitive issue and that abortion was “a matter for the [Northern Ireland] Assembly to decide”, that the Minister for Women and Equalities in London should think it proper to intervene in this way with such a measure.

As a strongly pro-life Church we believe that the lives of women and unborn children matter profoundly, as human life is incredibly precious and special to God - both lives matter. We also recognise the great pain involved in the extremely difficult circumstances faced by women and their families. As we have previously said, we emphasise the need for women, children and families in Northern Ireland to be provided with excellent perinatal care services, which includes practical, emotional and spiritual support.

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