'Pray without ceasing'

25.8.2017 | Moderator, Prayer

The new edition of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s annual Prayer Handbook is now available.

Arranged in a weekly format, the handbook covers the church year from 27th August 2017 to 25th August 2018, providing information on the work and mission of PCI and those who serve it at home and overseas. Specific areas and topics of prayer are also covered, from mental health and pastoral care, to mission teams and evangelistic courses. In addition, through the prayers an insight into the work of the councils and personnel of our Church is given.

The Moderator, Rt. Rev. Dr. Noble McNeely, writing in the introduction of the handbook encourages us to use it regularly in our intercessions. With his theme for the year being ‘Everyday Disciples’, he reminds us how someone who is informed and committed to prayer is an everyday disciple.

“This Prayer Handbook helps us get to another level when it comes to prayer… full of detail and assistance to help us pray meaningfully and purposefully. It provides an abundance of information in a clearly presented form about the dedicated work of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and overseas,” Dr. McNeely said.

“If you use it daily, weekly or occasionally you can discover guidance to help you pray specifically and in harmony with members of the church everywhere and from anywhere in the world.”

The 2017/18 Prayer Handbook can be ordered here. You can assist the work and mission of the Church through prayer in several different ways. New prayers can be viewed each day on the website homepage, or you can subscribe to have them emailed to you each day.


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