Essentials - New discipleship resource launched

24.8.2017 | Moderator, Discipleship, Special Assembly

Essentials - a brand new practical discipleship resource was launced today at the Special Assembly in Coleraine, as part of the Church’s vision to resource whole-life disciples across the denomination.

Billed as ‘an eight-week journey helping followers of Jesus to reflect on and live out the essentials of discipleship’, launching the resource, Presbyterian Moderator, Rt. Rev. Dr. Noble McNeely said, “At our Special Assembly ‘Everyday Disciples’ this week, we have been discovering together, and perhaps rediscovering, what it means to be an everyday disciple, a follower of Jesus Christ, in 21st Century. So it is entirely appropriate that we launch this engaging and practical congregational resource here.

“In Luke Chapter 9, Jesus says to his friends and followers, ‘If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.’ The phrase that jumps out of the text for me is ‘…daily and follow me’, which implies that a follower of Christ is actually someone who follows in the ways of Jesus every day.

“Being a disciple of Jesus isn’t one lifestyle choice amongst many, it is integral to who we are in Him and we need to recognise what the essentials are to following Christ. To me it is the most exciting and amazing vocation anyone can be engaged in, and I hope this new and very practical resource will help to equip us effectively in reaching our full potential for Jesus each and every day.”


Essentials Promo Video from Presbyterian Church in Ireland on Vimeo.

PCI’s Council for Congregational Life and Witness developed Essentials, which comprises eight short films contained on a special USB pen drive and an accompanying participant’s eight-session guide. The “Essentials Bundle” can be purchased here and includes the pen drive, five participants manuals and additional resources.

Designed specifically for the context of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Essentials draws on a wide collection of voices, insights, teaching and testimonies from right across the denomination.

Rick Hill, PCI’s discipleship officer explained that the new resource will be ideal for use in small groups, midweek gatherings or for short term courses. “Essentials is about equipping and resourcing every member of a congregation for their ministry.

“Having been called to follow Jesus we need to be participants rather than passengers in the kingdom of God, radically impacting the world around us in simple ways, like showing love to a colleague, working well for an employer, living well in our neighbourhood and sharing faith with a friend. Essentials will help us in that daily discipleship journey,” he said.

For all Essentials enquiries call the Council for Congregational Life and Witness office on 028 9041 7247.

Photo: Rick Hill (left) PCI discipleship officer with the Moderator, Rt. Rev. Dr. Noble McNeely launching Essentials at this week's Speical Assembly in Coleraine.

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