Containers for Malawi

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Malawi, Africa

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI), supports the hospitals and schools of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) in Malawi, Central Africa, through the regular shipment of much needed health and education supplies.

Materials for primary schools including pens, pencils and paper and medical items such as surgical gloves, needles and syringes make a great difference.

This provides a great opportunity for individuals, groups and churches to provide tangible and practical support for people in Malawi.


In an effort to improve the efficiency of the container system and to ensure that items sent are in direct response to the needs of the Health and Education departments of the CCAP, a system of boxes has been developed.

The basic concept is that a group or individual can collect and pay for a box on a prepaid basis and fill it with much needed supplies for schools and facilities in Malawi.

  • Each box has an approximate capacity of two cubic feet.
  • The boxes are plastic and therefore of use for the storage of foodstuffs in Malawi.
  • Each box comes with a list of either Educational or Health items. The lists are deliberately composed of a small number of very suitable items.
  • If we can ensure that only items on either the health or education list are put in each box, then these boxes can be transported directly to a primary school or health centre.
  • When filled, the boxes are delivered to a central location for packing into a container for shipment to Malawi.
  • We recommend that you do not designate the boxes for an institution or individual. The CCAP will ensure that the boxes go to the schools and hospitals which are most needy.
  • Boxes are available at £20 each, which includes the cost of shipping to Malawi.

To order boxes, please contact your nearest agent or email the Global Mission office.

View samples of 'approved contents' for education and health boxes.

Click here to download the packing and shipping instructions.

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