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Aaron House is a residential care home in Dundonald for people with a profound learning disability.

Referrals for occupancy and respite care come from both the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust and the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust. Aaron House provides accommodation for 14 permanent residents and has two respite beds. With their own transport suitably adapted for the residents, this enables residents to have regular outings and trips.

Aaron House is managed by the Council for Social Witness (responsible for residential services) and Choice Housing (responsible for the building). Attached to Aaron House is an independent Day Care Unit that can meet the needs of up to nine people daily. The Home is registered with RQIA who undertake bi-annual inspections. Reports can be viewed on their website www.rqia.org.uk

High standards of quality individualised care is delivered to the residents who require assistance with all activities of daily living.

Aaron House staff work collaboratively with families and allied health professionals ensuring a person-centred approach to care planning and in the development of specific programmes of care.

Their mission statement is that ‘All People Matter to God’ and as outlined in narrative in the stories and parables in The New Testament, compassion for those with disabilities is evident.

The United Appeal assists with the funding of the Council for Social Witness, enabling the Council to support the work and Christian witness offered at this residential home.

Aaron House
40 Rosneath Gardens
BT16 1UN

Tel:  +44 (0)28 9041 0045
Fax: +44 (0)28 9041 0408

Email: management.aaron@pcisocialwitness.org

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To read more about daily life at Aaron house, please read the latest report below, or click here to download it as a PDF.

March 2024 report

Defined by being loved by God
by Julie Gibson, Manager

Aaron House is a residential home based in Dundonald for adults with both learning and physical disabilities. I have been blessed to have worked in Aaron House since it first opened back in 1995, initially as a team leader before taking on the role of manager in March 2023.

Aaron House was initially opened by the Currie Community, a small group of dedicated individuals who spent many years working tirelessly to put into reality their dream of providing lifelong and homely care to those individuals with profound learning disabilities, within a loving and Christian environment. They created a place where they fully recognised that not only do people with a disability have the right to live fulfilling and purposeful lives, but also that they have the ability to teach us about God's purpose and the true meaning of life.

Every day in Aaron House we are blessed to witness how our residents reflect God's love and character through their humility, resilience and ultimately through their unconditional love. A disability is an inability to do something, but it does not reflect the wonderful gifts and abilities that each resident possesses. The residents within Aaron House are not defined by their disabilities but by their identity as being loved by God. 

In 2010, Aaron House was handed over to the care of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland's Council for Social Witness (CSW). It was important to the founder members of the Currie Community that Aaron House was handed over to an organisation that would carry on the Christian ethos of the home. As always, God never deserts us and we are blessed to be guided and supported by a CSW team who strongly uphold and promote the Currie Community values and beliefs. Through their servant leadership it is abundantly clear that 'people matter to God'. They serve quietly with humility and with compassion, putting the needs of those we serve first. 

It is comforting to know that we are part of an organisation that wants to ensure that Aaron House, along with all of the other CSW homes and facilities, are not just places that 'care for people' but are places that value people and that reflect God's love, grace and compassion. 

Aaron House is much more than a care home and it is much more than just a job for the staff. Aaron House is 'home' and the residents and staff are 'family'. Many have had the privilege of working in Aaron House since it first opened and over the past 29 years, we have all grown up together. New staff over the years have quickly become valued members of our team and our goal has always been to put the residents first. Like any family, we have had good times and bad times, joyful times and sad times, peaceful times and challenging times, but throughout it all you could never ask for a more supportive, loving and selfless team.

More importantly, we could never have asked for a more wonderful family of residents, both past and present, all of whom who have enriched our lives. If everyone in the world could mirror our residents, what a truly wonderful world it would be. A world based on unconditional love, kindness, acceptance, patience, joy, innocence, humility, resilience and courage. A world like them.

Please pray:

  • Pray for the residents, that they will continue to lead fulfilling lives in the Aaron House family.
  • Give thanks for the staff at Aaron House and for the care they provide. 

For information on the official opening of the Sensory Gardens in June 2019, click here.

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