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Adelaide House Residential Home, Belfast

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Norma Picking is the Manager of Adelaide House Residential Home in Belfast.

She has worked in Adelaide House since 1989 in various posts, beginning her employment as a dining room assistant, moving on to work as a care assistant and then to become a senior care assistant. 

Norma decided to further her career and go ‘back to school’ to take exams which would enable her to apply to become Home Manager. She was successful and took up this appointment in July 2014.  She really enjoys the challenges the role brings and values being part of such a good team.

The emphasis in Adelaide House is on enhancing and enriching the lives of all residents, while promoting the Christian ethos of the Home. To this end, staff strive to enable the residents to continue with social activities and family and community ties.

Residents are encouraged to continue worshipping at their own church. However, daily devotions and afternoon services are provided within the Home to care for their spiritual needs.  Residents find these devotional times very encouraging and comforting.

Those visiting Adelaide House are often overheard commenting on the range of activities available and the fun which is evident while these are taking place.  The residents are encouraged to live life to the full, and activities are tailor-made to suit the needs of all.  

Latest Report

April 2017

Adelaide House is situated in a lovely tree-lined park made even more beautiful as each season changes. Working as a team, we strive to enhance the lives of all residents who live here, valuing them as individuals. We operate a person-centred approach in all aspects of their care and empower them to live their lives to their full potential.

At Adelaide, we seek to provide a warm Christian environment where all beliefs are encouraged and we endeavor to assist residents to remain part of their church fellowship through visits to their church or having their clergy visit the home.

We also have an Inner Committee Residents’ Group. This is where they come together and suggest the various activities, therefore empowering them to take an active part in home life.

Some of our residents attend City Way Day Centre and Meeting Point on a Thursday at Malone Presbyterian Church.

Last summer, some of our staff and residents enjoyed a visit to River House in Newcastle and some are planning a return visit this summer. Alison greeted us all with a very warm and sincere welcome. We all were shown their beautiful garden and had a lovely afternoon tea overlooking the sea – what a view! It was such a success that one of our residents had a week’s holiday and as she really enjoyed her stay, she will be going again this year.

We enjoy organizing various day trips for our residents who can travel, such as one we had recently to Groomsport. Members of Groomsport Presbyterian Church hosted us for tea in their hall and the pudding was out of this world!

As some of our residents are becoming more frail, we have encouraged relatives to come into the home to have lunch and share the special date in the calendar, for example: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter etc.

2017 marks a special year in Adelaide House as we will have, God willing, five residents over the age of 100. Our oldest is coming 107. Everyone is looking forward to the celebrations of these special birthdays.

Many of the staff team at Adelaide House have been with us for a long time. Some go the extra mile, above and beyond the duties required of them. Two of our team recently received their 20 years’ service award at a ceremony in Assembly Buildings. The staff in Adelaide feel they are blessed to be working in a home that represents the Christian ethos. We give thanks and we pray for all the other homes within the Council of Social Witness as we seek to look after the residents that are entrusted in our care.

General Prayer Points

  • Pray for residents who are ill or increasingly frail.
  • Pray for those families who are assisting with end of life care for their loved one.
  • Pray for a strong staffing team to enhance residents’ lives.

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