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Linzie is the Golden Mile Team Leader and Development Officer.

Linzie writes:

"I’ve been a Christian for over thirty years (from the age of four). In July 1997 I went to London to work with the London City Mission Summer Evangelism Team. I worked for two weeks with the homeless in Leicester Square, and London’s Savoy, I knew this was what God wanted me to do, but not in London. I prayed that God would show me where.

"I heard about Nightlight several months later and so in early 1999 I joined. And am still here!

"I graduated from Belfast Bible College in June 2002, but was not successful in getting a job until I applied for the post of Nightlight Development Officer. God knows my burden for Belfast, and as He says in Psalm 37 v 4, 'Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.'

"I believe this is God’s will. Please pray for me as I continue to serve Him and that God will receive all the glory."

Linzie originally joined Nightlight as a volunteer in 1999 and became a member of the full time staff in 2003. She is married to Simon, a Nightlight volunteer and they are both active members of Cregagh Congregational Church in East Belfast.

Latest Report

As I sat in the service station on the M1 recently, I watched people coming and going, asking directions, looking at signs.

I glanced up and saw a sign in front of me. It read, ‘Looking for somewhere a bit quieter?” My mind began to think about Jesus and the upper room where he spent time with His disciples. This was a quiet place where they could be alone with God – there was enough seats for everyone and no one had to go upstairs. In Nightlight one of our main focuses is spending time with Jesus in prayer and devotions before we go out onto the streets of the city, observing and reflecting the quiet place of prayer.

Prayer has the power to change lives and situations and it’s so sad to think that today people neglect this great weapon of power. We can be a link in the chain of someone coming to know Christ as their personal Saviour by praying for them.

Throughout the Golden Mile and Odyssey Arena areas of Belfast, the Nightlight team has been transforming lives with your support, both through prayers and financial donations.

‘C’ is a bouncer at one of the clubs. We met him last year, and through chats with him and conversations he has heard while keeping an eye at the tea table, he has come to faith. He is a Catholic who hasn’t been to Mass for 15 years. He told a team member that he wishes he had surrendered to God years ago. He now notices a difference with himself; he is more in control of his temper.

‘D’ is a young drug addict we met in the city centre. He is now in the care of Teen Challenge, and we are kept updated.

‘T’ is an alcoholic and lives in the area. He has been coming to the table for years. Every time he’s there we have another conversation about God. He believes, but hasn’t as yet taken that step.

‘A’ is a 24-year-old girl with a lot of issues and difficulties in her life. She has lost a lot of people she cares about, some of whom were homeless. Her aunt is one of the ‘disappeared’; she is so bitter towards all paramilitaries because no one is telling the family where her aunt is buried.

‘A’ is struggling to believe in God because of all that has happened in her life. The team has the challenge of telling a person like that that God loves them.

Pray for the follow-up conversations that take place during the days between weekends. These conversations are vital. Pray for those who are close to taking a step in faith, as well as those who have recently come to faith and the team who are discipling them.

To download a printable PDF of Linzie's reports visit the Mission Reports listing at the top.

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