Peter and Jayne Fleming arrived in Nepal in January 2018 and are based in Kathmandu. Peter works with United Mission to Nepal (UMN) as an advisor in integral development and Jayne teaches at Kathmandu International Study Centre.

Peter works with the staff of UMN to emphasise the biblical reasons for engaging in development work in local Nepal communities. He is also involved in pastoral care to cluster leaders and other Nepali staff around the country. Much of this work presents opportunities to influence and encourage the next generation of Christian leadership in Nepal.

Peter comments, “The vision of UMN is ‘Fullness of life for all, in a transformed Nepali society’. This vision is inspired by the words of Jesus who stated that the reason for his coming to earth was to bring life in all its fullness. It is a huge privilege to travel around this country and see people experiencing fullness of life through the work of UMN. The passion that so many Nepali church members have to make a difference in their communities is inspirational, and I am learning so much from being with them.”

Jayne teaches on the Student Support team at Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC). This school supports many families providing education to children from different nationalities whose parents wish to work, live and serve in Nepal. KISC has over 200 students and the school often needs experienced secondary school teachers to volunteer to teach in the school. 

“It is exciting to be involved in the lives of children from such varied backgrounds and cultures,” writes Jayne. “At KISC, we strive to live out our core values of live, grace, community, justice and excellence. Each term we focus on a specific one so that we are conscious of them in our classes, in the playground, as we play sport and as we live in Nepal”.

Since 1986, Peter has worked as a minister with the Presbyterian Church in Ireland serving firstly as assistant minister in First Carrickfergus, then for eight years in St Johnston and Ballylennon congregations, before moving to First Coleraine Presbyterian Church in 1998, where he remained for 19 years. Jayne has worked as a primary school teach in Antrim, Londonderry and Coleraine. Peter and Jayne have three adult daughters.

Peter and Jayne  spent most of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ireland, but continued their much of their work from a distance, despite the large time difference between N Ireland and Nepal. They returned to Nepal in December 2021.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for Peter as he interacts with UMN staff and many other leaders.
  • Pray for Jayne as she teaches and pray too for the school, for the need for teachers and for the necessary money to allow phase 2 of the campus development to begin.
  • Pray for Peter and Jayne as they demonstrate God’s love and grace amongst friends and colleagues at work in Nepal.
  • Pray for daily health, safely and strength.
  • Pray too for their family who are living in different places.

Peter and Jayne have recorded two film clips (a short 3 minute clip and longer 10 minute clip) which can be downloaded and used in church services, prayer meetings or events to raise awareness and prayer for what God is doing across the world, as we seek to go deep and wide in global mission involvement.

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Latest Report

September 2022

Four years and eight months ago we arrived in Kathmandu with lots of baggage, plans and hopes. What an amazing experience it has been. There have been so many things we never could have imagined – endless challenges, but some of the greatest experiences of our lives.
What a privilege it has been to gain a sense of how different one culture is from another. To work teaching children from multiple nations. To meet church leaders and community workers doing amazing work across the whole country. To wrestle with the challenges of constant change as Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC) moved into new premises and year on year had to find new teachers, while in United Mission to Nepal (UMN) pressures from outside and pandemic meant adjustment, uncertainty and just keeping going in faith. In the middle of it all we had an unintended lengthy stay at home including unexpected surgery. Throughout it all there were people - patient, determined, innovative and generous toward us. Behind everything there was a higher purpose. We had our plans and ideas, but time and again we learned, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” (Prov. 19:21). We were often frustrated by events, restrictions and delays that seemed pointless, but time and again we have seen enough to convince us that God has a purpose, and we can trust him even when we cannot see the reason. We have a God who is in control and loving.
It has been a wonderful thing to see the Lord’s purposes prevailing in the work at KISC. As the new term began 15 new teachers joined the staff, some having served in Nepal before, while others are new to living outside their home country. As with any new job things can seem overwhelming as they get to grips with new colleagues, curriculums, living conditions and pupils coming from so many countries of the world. 
In UMN it is a similar story. Our Integral Development team has grown and each member is busily following up their own responsibilities whether in Kathmandu based leadership and planning, or with leaders in remote villages two or three days walk from the nearest road. It has been a most encouraging few months for Peter helping this team to gel together, and to witness leaders growing in understanding of the responsibility of the Church to be innovative in serving the whole of their community. 
Our Lord has purposes in the world and now we are asking for guidance and provision for the next phase of his purpose as we prepare to leave Nepal at the end of September. We have learned and benefitted much, made many special friends, shared in wonderful opportunities for service and witnessed much blessing. We will always be interested in Nepal and pray that fullness of life will come increasingly to the nation. 

Prayer Points

  • Praise & Prayer for over four years of protection and blessing.
  • Pray for God’s purposes to prevail in Nepal and for Peter & Jayne.
Contact Details:

Peter and Jayne Fleming
c/o UMN
PO Box 126 Kathmandu


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