Elizabeth Wilson

Willow Brook Supported Housing, Coleraine

Elizabeth Wilson is the Project Manager of Willow Brook Supported Housing in Coleraine.

She took up the post of manager at Willowbrook and Topley supported housing scheme on 1st December 2017.  Elizabeth has been employed at Willowbrook for almost three years. She comes from a social work background, having worked for over thirty years in the field of disability. Through her experience working at Willowbrook she has built strong relationships with tenants, relatives and staff which she looks forward to further developing in the future.

There is a staff team of eight women at Willow Brook, who work positively with the nine tenants. Each tenant has their own specific needs and so staff must be adaptable and flexible in their approach.  The staff also continue to work alongside our partners, Northern Health and Social Care Trust and Choice Housing Association, as well as other voluntary organisations.

The support of our ‘Friends of Willow Brook’ group continues to be invaluable as they provide emotional and practical support.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for two of our tenants who, as they are growing older, have particular care needs.
  • Pray for all the tenants and the staff who assist them.
  • Pray that I might have wisdom as I make decisions regarding all aspects of the project.
Contact Details: Willow Brook
5 Willow Brook Lane
Millburn Road
BT52 1ET

Tel: 028 7035 7702
Fax: 028 7035 7702

Email: ewilson@pcibsw.org


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