David Boyd


Adelaide Road, Dublin; Dublin & Munster Presbytery

David started working as an Irish mission worker in 1997, in the Presbyterian congregation of Adelaide Road on the south side of Dublin city centre, not far from St. Stephen’s Green.


David is involved in outreach through the work of the International Café, which ministers to international students every Friday evening in the Community Floor of the church. He also reaches out to people on the street through a tea and coffee stall that is set up on the pavement in front of the church. He is very involved in life-on-life discipleship with members of the congregation and leads various Bible studies. He preaches both in Adelaide Road and in other congregations in the Dublin and Munster Presbytery.


“Dublin city centre is amazingly cosmopolitan and I have the opportunity to meet people from every nation under the sun,” says David. “I particularly enjoy working with the students in the International Café. Some of them have had no contact with the gospel and have never seen a Bible. It is a great privilege to watch God at work in their lives as they begin to study his Word.”


I am passionate about discipleship as it made a dramatic difference in my own life, and I sincerely believe that it is the way God intended to grow his church. It is wonderful to walk through life with someone and help them to grow in maturity in preparation for discipling students of their own.”


David is married with four adult children. His second son, Ethan is married to Stephanie, a Brazilian girl that he met while serving in the International Café. David grew up in Kilkeel Presbyterian Church, in Co Down and was commissioned as an Irish mission worker in 1999. 


Prayer Points

  • Pray for the International Café and for the students who come along. Pray that good relationships would be formed and that the students would respond to the gospel invitation.
  • Pray for wisdom and insight for David as he meets people from many different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Pray for the congregation of Adelaide Road and its witness in Dublin city centre.
  • Pray for David in his own journey with Jesus.

A United Appeal video highlighting the work of David Boyd, Irish mission worker at Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church in Dublin, and his work with the international cafe.
United Appeal // International outreach at home from Presbyterian Church in Ireland on Vimeo.

Latest Report – Summer 2021 

Embracing change

You don’t need me to tell you that the past year has been the most challenging period in our lifetime. The pandemic has radically altered every aspect of life as we know it, and in particular the life of our churches. It has presented a threat to long- established and cherished patterns, but it also offers opportunities for significant, life-affrming change.

Many of us in the church have resisted the digital revolution, wanting to cling to the old ways of doing things, only to find ourselves flung into the deep end of YouTube, Zoom, Facebook et al, with the closure of our church buildings. It has been a steep learning curve but has opened up the possibility of reaching people who would never darken the door of the church.

In Adelaide Road congregation, the lockdown has meant the closure of our church building, and our services, prayer meetings, home groups, Session and committee meetings have all moved online. Our international café has also been forced to go online, which is far from ideal, as a communal meal, and the fellowship around that, was the central hub of our student gatherings. However, for international students living through lockdown, staring at four walls, even our online café is a welcome diversion and an opportunity to practise their English. They are as delighted to see us as we are to see them!

In our café on Zoom, we can play games and chat with the students in breakout rooms, building relationships that hopefully lead to deeper conversations and invitations for them to join us in Bible studies online. One advantage of this online arrangement is that distance is not a barrier to participation. My son, Ethan, and his wife, Stephanie, have been very involved with the café for a long time. They went to Brazil last December to visit Stephanie’s mother and have been there ever since, as there are no flights available to enable a return to Ireland. However, through Zoom, they can still play a leading role in the café, just as if they were right here in Dublin.

I am currently doing a weekly Bible study with a woman who attended the café. She has been back home in Germany since last December but still joins me on Wednesday nights for Bible study with another woman. I have been using the Word One to One material which is ideally suited for use on Zoom, and the two women are enthusiastic about the difference these studies are making to their lives.

So, despite its negative aspects, living through lockdown has shown me that, far from railing against the restrictions placed upon us, we should be seeing it as a God-given opportunity to use the resources that he has made available to us, in new and creative ways.

Please pray:

  • Pray for the cafe team and the students that we meet online.
  • Pray for the new 'buddy' system that we are setting up where we will try to match each student with a mentor from the cafe team. 
  • Pray for the Bible studies with the students.

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