Presbyterian Church of East Africa

Global Mission

Country: Kenya

Region: East Africa

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) is a growing church, its membership not easily quantifiable, though probably well over a million members and many more affiliates.

At present, the denomination has 450 pastors, 45 presbyteries, and over 1,000 congregations in 310 parishes in Kenya. It also has a small number of congregations in both Uganda and Tanzania.

PCI have been in a relationship with PCEA since the mid-1960s. First to go were Dick and Moreen Gordon, who went in 1966. Since then, more than 20 long-term mission workers, as well as numerous short-term volunteers and teams, have served with PCEA in Kenya. PCI are currently supporting three families in Kenya; all are serving with PCEA in different parts of the country.

PCEA regularly sends ministers to study in the UK and Ireland, supported by scholarships from PCI. Annual grants are provided for the work of theological education and student scholarships at the Presbyterian University, Kikuyu and St Paul’s United Theological College; and for lay-training and Theological Education by Extension.

Contact Details:
PCEA Head Office
PO Box 27573
Nairobi 00506
East Africa
  T: +254 (0)20 603608 / 603848
F: +254 (0)20 609102


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