Evangelical Christian Church in Timor

Global Mission

Country: Indonesia

The Evangelical Christian Church in Timor / Gereja Mashehi Injili di Timor (GMIT) is the second largest protestant church in Indonesia with 1,072 ministers in 2,104 congregations serving around 1.5 million members.

Even though GMIT is a large denomination, its people are among the poorest in Indonesia with the vast majority living in rural areas.

GMIT may be described as Reformed in its theology with a special emphasis on the authority of Scripture and a desire to be both contextual and holistic in its mission.

PCI has had a partnership with GMIT since 1972, when Ken and Valerie Newell arrived in East Indonesia. 

Contact Details:
Kantor Sinode GMIT
Jl Perintis Kemerdekaan
Kota Baru
  T: +62 (0)380 832943 / 826927
F: +62 (0)380 832943
E: infokom.gmit@yahoo.com


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