Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera

Global Mission

Country: Indonesia

The Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera - Gereja Masehi Injili di Halmahera (GMIH) – represents about half the population on the island of Halmahera in Indonesia. It has around 160,000 members in 380 congregations and 27 presbyteries; and 480 ministers and unordained assistants in active service.

GMIH may be described as Reformed in its theology, and Presbyterian in its church government. It has a very strong emphasis on mission.

PCI's partnership with GMIH began in October 1972 with Presbyterian missionaries James and Mary Haire arriving in Halmahera. The Haires served with GMIH for 12 years, first on the island of Ternate and later in Tobelo on Halmahera. Despite moving to Australia in 1985, James visits Halmahera every year, lecturing in the theological college.  

PCI has also expressed its partnership with the church through the support of GMIH's theological college with scholarships for staff and students.

Contact Details:
Kantor Sinode GMIH
Tobelo 97762
Maluku Utara
  T: +62 (0)924 21166
F: +62 (0)924 21302
E: mps_gmih@yahoo.co.id


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