Church of Central Africa Presbyterian

Global Mission

Country: Malawi; Zambia

Region: Central Africa

The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) is the largest Protestant denomination in Malawi, where around 70% of the population claim membership of a Christian church. In Malawi, CCAP has some 500 congregations with around 600,000 members.

CCAP has three autonomous Synods in Malawi (Blantyre, Livingstonia and Nkhoma), while the Synods of Zambia and Harare complete the membership of the CCAP's General Assembly. Each Synod runs its daily affairs independently of the others.

Relations between CCAP and PCI began in the mid-1950s. Rev Bill Jackson, the first missionary from PCI arrived in Malawi in 1958 to work alongside CCAP. Since then, over 100 PCI global mission workers have gone to serve the people of Malawi and in recent years many volunteers and teams from PCI congregations have made short mission trips spreading the gospel in both word and action. 

The three Malawian Synods have programmes of evangelism and Christian training, and train ministers at Zomba Theological College.

Education and chaplaincy work amongst students

The education of its children and young people has always been a priority of the church in Malawi and today thousands receive their primary and secondary education in schools run by the churches.

Diane Cusick, PCI global mission worker is based in Zambia where she leads on Early Childhood Development in the CCAP Synod.

PCI also partners with Scripture Union Malawi (SUM) and with the Student Christian Organisation Malawi (SCOM) who both seek to evangelise and disciple children and youth in schools and colleges throughout Malawi.


Around 40% of Malawi's healthcare needs are met by the churches, including the CCAP's five hospitals located at Livingstonia, Ekwendeni, Embangweni, Nkhoma and Mulanje – each being responsible for a network of dispensaries and primary healthcare clinics.



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