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The Presbyterian Church in Ireland supports a variety of mission projects both at home and further afield. This section is designed so you can search through the people and projects PCI support through United Appeal and find out a bit more about them.

You can also search through the different countries PCI operates in using the Places section or check out the range of missionaries,deaconesses and community outreach workers using the People section. Projects include a mixture of residential homes PCI helps to manage as well as summer teams for young people to volunteer in whilst Partners refers to partnership links PCI has with indigenous churches, Christian institutions and international mission agencies in more than 25 countries around the world.


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Every aspect of our Church's mission depends to some extent on United Appeal. That means hundreds of staff, projects and programmes at home and overseas, helping both congregations and individuals and working with old and young alike. It's a huge ministry showing God's love in action to hundreds of thousands of people. Prayer support from congregations and church members is vital. Keep up to date with what's happening through the Briefing leaflet, the stories and videos online and by using the Prayer pages online or the Points for Prayer offline.
United Appeal will contribute £3,190,000 (€3,803,078) to fund the mission of our Church in 2012. That comes from Presbyterians like you continuing to give generously. Every congregation has a 'target of honour' which is met in different ways either through special offerings or monthly contributions. Find out how your congregation raises its United Appeal: decide how much you should give and play your part in supporting the wider mission of our whole Church, locally, nationally and around the world.