Stepping Forward: Stepping Up

  • 28.1.2023 - 22.4.2023
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Belfast & online
  • Paid
  • Congregational Life, Webinar

Stepping Forward: Stepping Up is a programme for four events equipping those who have been thrust into the leadership limelight with the tools they need to lead well in this and every season of church life.

“Some are born leaders. Some achieve leadership. And some have leadership thrust upon them”.


Stepping Forward: Stepping Up, is PCI’s new series of in-person and online leadership clinics designed to help people aged 16+ take their first steps into Christian leadership. Mixing practical and personal teaching, group discussion, hearing and sharing of experiences, and more, Stepping Forward: Stepping Up will encourage, equip, and empower leaders to lead well in this and every season of church life.


This programme will cost £25 for all four events and will include refreshments and lunch at the in-person gatherings. To sign up now please click here.

Stepping Forward Stepping Up from Presbyterian Church in Ireland on Vimeo.


  • Saturday 28th January 2023, Conference Area, Assembly Buildings, Belfast
  • Thursday 23rd February (online)
  • Thursday 23rd March (online)
  • Saturday 22nd April, venue TBC

As we emerge from Covid-19’s long shadow, a familiar story is playing out across many PCI congregations – we are wrestling with a shortage of leaders. People seem reluctant to step forward, step up, and serve.

All our churches need volunteers to minister effectively. However, in our desperation to get church life going again, it is not uncommon for us to plug gaps, thrust people into leadership and pray that it will all work itself out.

How do we help these leaders lead well when they’re feeling both unsure about how they got there, and ill-equipped for the task at hand?

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