Road Trip 2017 – Ballyloughan

  • 16.11.2017 - 16.11.2017
  • 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Ballyloughan Presbyterian Church, Ballymena
  • Free

Road Trip events are designed for Sunday school teachers, children's leaders, all youth leaders, elders, ministers, parents or anyone who wants to understand or work with 0-25s in their local congregation.

Who is it for?

Road Trip has been bringing training to youth and children's leaders throughout the Presbyterian Church in Ireland for several years. These  events are designed for Sunday school teachers, children's leaders, youth leaders, elders, ministers, parents or anyone who wants to understand or work with those aged 0-25 in their local congregation.

Where and when?

Ballyloughan Presbyterian Church, Ballymena

Thursday, 16th November 2017 at 7.30pm

Please note this is a free event.


The event will start with everyone together promptly, so please try to get to the venue in good time. The programme will run according to this timetable.

7.30pm Welcome & Introductions
7.45pm Session 1
8.45pm Refreshment Break
9.00pm Session 2
10.00pm Close

Session 1 (choose 1 of 3)

Growing Young Leaders

How do we shape programmes that allow young people to contribute and participate? How do we move our young adults into involvement in ministry and positions of leadership? This seminar explores how we can transition our young people and young adults into young leaders. Together we will aim to discover how we can better follow the methods of Jesus by discipling, training and releasing the next generation into ministry.

This seminar would be useful for anyone leading teenagers or young adults, or for any leaders within the wider church.

How to be inclusive of every child in your children's ministry

There are many children that are within our children’s ministry who do not come from typical backgrounds or ideal situations. There are children from broken or fractured families, those dealing with illness or mental health issues, those with additional needs and increasingly those who come from other cultures. How can we as the church include all these children within our ministry and cater for their needs? In this seminar we will look at some of these issues from a pastoral point of view and think about the inclusion of every child.

This seminar is for anyone involved in children's ministry.

Growing faith at home

"Parents are... the primary disciple makers in their children's lives"  (Timothy-Paul Jones)

Do we believe that statement? If so, is it reflected in the reality of faith development in our congregation and families? If not, what do we believe and why?

In this seminar we will consider the role of Christian parents, but not in a way that should make any parent feel guilty. We will also think about the role of leaders and how they can build partnership with parents. Finally, we will think about the role of everyone in the local congregation to fulfil their baptismal vows to stand with parents as they nurture faith in their children.

Therefore this seminar is for leaders, parents and church leaders and members who want to make it easier for Christian parents to pass on faith to children and young people.

Session 2 (choose 1 of 3)

Small is beautiful: Groups that work

Pregnant pause, awkward silences, random tangents and dominating voices. Small groups can be hugely effective but also highly frustrating. This seminar will unpack the theory of small group ministry and offer practical ways to make the most of these times right across the age spectrum. Jesus didn't just gather a crowd but he developed a small group that would impact the world. Come and explore how we can better use small groups as a key method of discipleship.

This seminar is for anyone who leads small groups of any description, whether in youth ministry or across the wider church.

How to care for the volunteers in your ministry

The greatest resource that we have in any ministry is the volunteers that help run it. In this seminar we will look at how to care for, train and inspire these volunteers to give of their best to the ministry they are involved in. We will also look at longevity within your ministry volunteers and how you can plan for the future. There will also be the opportunity to look at some different models of placing volunteers within your church ministry.

This seminar is particularly for main leaders, ministers and coordinators within church ministry, but can be for anyone who cares about the well-being of volunteers within your church.

Keeping them Close to Home: a church where young people love to be

Imagine this. Young people regularly bring their friends to church on a Sunday evening as they have told them how good it is. The girls from Senior Bible Class turn up at the PW because they heard how good the speaker was going to be. The teenagers drag their parents to church.

Is this a fantasy? Or is it possible? We tend to think that young people hate church and we should do anything we can to make them stick around, even if it means them only going to youth programmes that keep them away from the rest of the church. But what if young people actually loved being part of a church of all ages...?

This seminar is for anyone who longs for church to be a place where teenagers love to be.

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