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David Boyd

2.3.2017 | Mission in Ireland, United Appeal, Mission

David Boyd is one of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s (PCI) five Irish mission workers. In this video he talks about reaching out to people in Dublin and how the United Appeal for Mission makes his work possible.

Irish mission workers are evangelists working alongside ministers and congregations across Ireland. Their work is fully supported by the United Appeal for Mission, which is at the very heart of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

Every aspect of the Church’s mission depends to some extent on United Appeal. Hundreds of projects and programmes at home and overseas are helping to advance God’s kingdom, showing God’s love in action to hundreds of thousands of people through this annual appeal. Towards the 2016 United Appeal target, congregations have so far raised £3.3 million/€3.9 million.

David has been working at Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church in central Dublin for 20 years. Talking directly to those who faithfully and sacrificially give to the Appeal each year, he says, “…thanks to people like you, who give so thankfully to United Appeal, we are able to reach out to all people here in Dublin and elsewhere in the Republic of Ireland…so thank you very, very much and remember that together we can do more.”

Watch the video and find out more about the work of an Irish Mission worker and how United Appeal makes this possible.

Sunday 5th March is United Appeal Sunday. You can find more information and United Appeal resources here, including an animation on what the Appeal helps to fund.

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