25.9.2017 | Training for Leadership,

Emerge is a short-term training programme offered to emerging leaders within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

This is gathering together of a group of emerging leaders, investing in them through high quality training and shared experiences.

This is an opportunity for those in their 20s or 30s and in a current leadership role within their congregation, for example, as a relatively new elder, member of congregational committee or a youth leader.

Participants will be part of a Learning Community in which they will join others on a journey involving:

• Practical action and reflection – including mentoring
• Focused devotional sessions on aspects of the spirituality of leadership
• Short talks and stories of congregational change leading to facilitated discussion

The course involves four sessions including a residential.

The next course will commence in January 2018 and run to June 2018. The deadline for registering is Friday, 8th December 2017. For further information visit the events page.

For more details of the course and a registration form please contact Pamela Patton. Tel: +44 (0)28 9041 7246 or email: ppatton@pcinet.org or download an application form.

United Appeal // Emerging leaders // Training from Presbyterian Church in Ireland on Vimeo.