Congregational Life and Witness

Convener: Rev. Colin Morrison
Secretary: Rev. David Thompson
This Council seeks to support the on-going life, mission and witness of congregations in their work with all age-groups. This assistance can take various forms such as casting vision, assisting in development, offering training, providing and signposting models of good practice and resourcing. Areas included are worship, discipleship, nurture and teaching; pastoral care;  evangelism and outreach in the community, including social outreach; co-operative working with others; involvement in global mission; leadership, including elder training.

This Council will hold specific responsibility for ensuring the strategic development within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland of youth and children’s ministry; Presbyterian Women and ministry among women generally; young adults’ ministry; support for the family (including PCI Family Holiday); marriage and counselling services.

This Council has the responsibility for encouraging and resourcing congregations to witness in their communities where they are placed. Part of this includes building supportive links with local schools; supporting Christians in the workplace; being proactive in the work of good relations.

Further to this and in co-operation with other Councils, adequate support and training in specific areas such as finance, health and safety and personnel issues, and disability awareness will be provided to congregations.

Taking Care, the child protection body of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, also sits under this Council.


Council Committees 

Outreach Committee Convener: Rev. Stephen Richmond
Discipleship Committee Convener: Rev. Dr. Mark Goudy
Leadership Committee Convener: Rev. Emerson McDowell
Worship Committee Convener: Rev. John Murdock
Pastoral Care Committee Convener: Rev. Alistair Bill
Global Mission Involvement Committee Convener: Mr Trevor Long
Youth, Childrens and Family Strategy and Coordination Committee Convener: Rev. Sam Finlay
Presbyterian Women's Strategy and Coordination Committee * Convener: Mrs V. Stewart

* transitional arrangement until 2016 General Assembly