Getting Married in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

9.3.2016 | Worship and Sacraments,

While much emphasis can be placed on the big day itself, we would stress the importance of good marriage preparation – laying the foundation for an ever loving, deepening and enduring marriage.

Marriage is undoubtedly a gift of God. It is amazing to reflect on how two people can meet each other at a church youth club, workplace, college or university, on their holidays or through mutual friends. They can be next door neighbours, childhood friends or from opposite ends of the world. They can be in their twenties or in their sixties. Somehow there is mutual attraction and a sense of chemistry, which draws them closer and brings them to that place where they fall in love. The relationship deepens and they come to this place of wanting to spend the rest of their lives together.

No matter how well a couple may know each other, all kinds of adjustments will need to be made once they are married. We all bring baggage from our past, have bad habits or attitudes that can make us irritating, and we can be selfish and uncaring towards others.

Marriage preparation is about helping couples learn how to live and grow together over a lifetime. Time out during your engagement, so that you can deepen your understanding of each other, is an excellent investment in your future.

A PDF to preview the booklet is available but it is recommended that engaged couples enquiring about marriage in a Presbyterian Church in Ireland congregation are given a copy of this booklet by the Minister.