2015 Presbyterian Herald Downloads

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Purchase and download electronic versions of the Presbyterian Herald from 2015

On this page you can purchase and download electronic versions of the Presbyterian Herald from 2015.

Presbyterian Herald February 2015 ED

Featured in this edition...
What’s wrong with the world? The challenge to look outward
Who is my neighbour? Overcoming a self-focused faith
The scandal of women: Gender inequality around the world
Pray for Iraq: Conflict, persecution and displacement


Presbyterian Herald March 2015 ED

Featured in this edition...
… and you welcomed me: Faith on the frontline at the International Meeting Point
The pull of mission to Kenya: Moderator reports from his overseas trip
Messy Church for messy lives: A new way to ‘do’ church
The story of Ruby Gray: Tribute to missionary who was murdered 50 years ago


Presbyterian Herald April 2015 ED

Featured in this edition...
He is risen: An Easter reflection from the Moderator, Dr. Michael Barry
The power of stories: How stories can shape our lives and our faith
Courage in the Congo: The amazing story of Cookstown missionary, Maud Kells
Science, Genesis and the Christian; Do faith and science mix?


Presbyterian Herald May 2015 ED

Featured in this edition...
Church. A class divide? Is our Church too middle class?
God’s time, our time: Developing an eternal perspective on our lives
Heart of wisdom: Shifting the focus of end-of-life care      
Broken people, broken churches: Disputes and division in our congregations


Presbyterian Herald June 2015 ED

Featured in this edition...
Building a caring fellowship: New Moderator, Dr. Ian McNie, on his year ahead
Searching for hope in Nepal: Moderator launches appeal
Discipleshaping Church: Focus on discipleship needed for our churches
Escape to nowhere: What is our response to immigration?


Presbyterian Herald July/August 2015 ED

Featured in this edition...
General Assembly 2015: News and reports
The mystery of predestination: Exploring a complex church doctrine
Positive protest? No PCI delegates at Church of Scotland Assembly 2016
Bible poverty: on our Church agenda? A challenge from the Specialist Service Agencies


Presbyterian Herald September 2015 ED

Featured in this edition...
Fleeing because of faith: Persecution in the Middle East
Ashers and beyond: Considering the implications of the recent Ashers Bakery case
The long dark tunnel: Dealing with grief
The grace of direct giving: The changing nature of the offering


Presbyterian Herald October 2015 ED

Featured in this edition...
Reaping a difficult harvest: A look at the farming crisis
An Iahhrann tĂș Gaeilge?: Presbyterians and the Irish language
Word and Spirit: R.T. Kendall talks about the way forward
Putting the fork down: Can fasting help us count our blessings?


Presbyterian Herald November 2015 ED

Featured in this edition...
“The war is over...”: Memories of peacetime still resonate after 70 years
A force to be reckoned with: The busy life of an army reserve chaplain
The scale of diseconomies: The stark picture of inequality in our world
Different shaped families: Exploring what ‘family’ means in today’s society


Presbyterian Herald Dec 2015/Jan 2016 ED

Featured in this edition...
Glory to God in the Highest: Moderator’s Christmas reflection
All the lonely people: The guises of loneliness in the modern age
Have yourself an ethical little Christmas: Practical advice for ethical festivities
Forecast: Hope: World Development Appeal for 2015