2014 Presbyterian Herald Downloads

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Purchase and download electronic versions of the Presbyterian Herald from 2014

On this page you can purchase and download electronic versions of the Presbyterian Herald from 2014.

Presbyterian Herald February 2014 ED

Featured in this edition...
Where do we go from here?: Post Haass, what should our Church’s response be?
Mandela: The extraordinary life of an ordinary man
Welcoming the stranger from within: A report on PCI’s recent discussion day on human sexuality
Onward Christian Soldiers: Victor Dobbin shares his experience of chaplain ministry


Presbyterian Herald March 2014 ED

Featured in this edition...
Dealing with the past: How do we face the future in light of the past?
Breaking the silence: Beginning the conversation on young people’s mental health
Never let go: Dealing with the exodus of young people from our churches
Bringing warmth to civic life: How the church should operate in the public square


Presbyterian Herald April 2014 ED

Featured in this edition...
The day that changed the world: An Easter reflection from the Moderator
Worship wars: The debate between old and new
Depression: The overwhelming nature of a difficult illness
The masks we wear: A challenge to live authentic and open lives


Presbyterian Herald May 2014 ED

Featured in this edition...
Equal to serve: Affirming women in church leadership
What’s in a promise?: Changes to the Girl Guide and Brownie Promise
The art of celebration: An interview with Rend Collective
No suspicious minds please: Using Elvis as an outreach tool


Presbyterian Herald June 2014 ED

Featured in this edition...
A year of service and outreach: Interview with incoming Moderator, Dr. Michael Barry
Dissenting voices: Profiling the radical Presbyterians of old
Think outside the box: Ministry with creativity
The ministry of brief encounter: The work of hospital chaplains


Presbyterian Herald July/August 2014 ED

Featured in this edition:
General Assembly 2014: News and reports   
Help South Sudan before it’s too late: A pending crisis of Ethiopian proportions
Presbyterian down to the DNA: Interview with Dr. Donald Watts
Lose the labels: Embracing inclusivity in our churches


Presbyterian Herald September 2014 ED

Featured in this edition...
Manse kids: The expectations placed on a minister’s child
Called to foster?: Sacrificial love in action
No child taken:  The horrors of human trafficking
The hidden harm: The truth about self-harm


Presbyterian Herald October 2014 ED

Featured in this edition...
Harvest of the sea:  The challenges of the fishing industry
Fear of the Lord: Developing a healthy reverence for God’s authority
Modern love: The rise of online Christian dating
Quiet peacemakers: Celebrating the unsung heroes of the peace process


Presbyterian Herald November 2014 ED

Featured in this edition...
Presbyterian fallen heroes: Untold stories of WW1
Sacrificial service: The commitment of chaplains during WW1
Remembrance and reconciliation: Jeffrey Donaldson on the WW1 commemorations
Everyone’s gifted at something: Identifying and embracing spiritual gift


Presbyterian Herald Dec 2014/Jan 2015 ED

Featured in this edition...
Christmas feast: Feasting on God’s Word this festive season
Building hope in Haiti: The 2014 World Development Appeal
The grace of giving: Committing to generosity
Freedom in forgiveness: Facing up to unresolved hurt