Upside Down Kingdom

9.3.2016 | Bible Study, Youth and Children,

A four-week discipleship programme for young people exploring issues of living as a radical disciple

In this programme we want young people to discover the riches of the Old Testament and of Jesus’ teaching on discipleship from the Sermon on the Mount. Through this we will see how it applies to four key relationships in their lives; their relationship with God, with themselves, with other people and with the environment around them.

The four sessions are not intended to be a definitive discipleship course, but they should an indication of the areas you might need to examine in more detail later on.

Each session will engage young people in prayer, Bible study, relevant application or action points and personal reflection. Building on these foundations, it is hoped that these sessions can play a small part in the work of raising a generation of young people in our churches who want to turn the world upside down for God.

A resource section has been included, pointing you to other books, courses, DVDs, study guides and online resources to help build on the issues that present themselves through the four sessions.

You can download copies of the following study materials from the links opposite.

Leader's Notes

Session 1
•  Characteristics of God pictures
•  Postcards

Session 2
•  Quotations
•  Postcards

Session 3
•  Postcards

Session 4
•  Beautiful and not-so-beautiful scenes
•  Postcards


For more information on the programme contact the Congregational Life and Witness office on +44(0)28 9032 2284 or email