General Assembly 2017 Business

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The 2017 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland meets in Assembly Buildings in Belfast from Monday evening, 5th June and closes on Friday, 9th June.

Attended by approximately 1,000 ministers and elders from the Church’s 500-plus congregations across Ireland, members will discuss and debate nearly 100 resolutions over three and a half days.

In this section you will find details of each day’s business before the General Assembly. You can find the reports and resolutions mentioned below in the The Blue Book here.

You can also download a pdf version of proceedings here.

Monday, 5th June



Service of Worship

Constitution of Assembly

Election of Moderator


Tuesday, 6th June
9.30am            1.                

General Assembly Business Committee:
Initial Report and Resolutions 1-4 (pages 3-4 and 179).


Reports of Presbyteries (pages 195-203).

(9.45) 3.

General Council: Section 1 of Report and Resolutions 5-7 (pages 1-3, 12-23 and 180).
Residential Assembly Conference Task Group;
Reformaton Celebration Task Group; Historical
Archiving Task Group; Memorial Record.

(10.45) 4.

Reception of Corresponding Members and Delegates.
Church of Scotland: Rt. Rev. Dr. Derek Brown; Rev. John McMahon: Miss Anne Mulligan
Churchof Ireland: Rt. Rev. John McDowell; Dr. Elizabeth Leonard
The Methodist Church in Ireland: Rev. Brian Anderson, Mr Stanley Graham
Religious Society for Friends: Mr Daniel H Sinton
Evangelical Reformed Church of Latvia: Mr Artis Celmiņš
Reformed Church in Hungary: Rev Dr. Zsolt Barta
Presbyterian Church of South Sudan: Rev. James Makuei Choul
Presbyterian Church of East Africa: Rev. Alfred Mugendi Kanga
CCAP, Synod of Nkhoma: Rev. Vasco S K Kachipapa
National Evangelical Synod of Syria & Lebanon: Rev. Fadi Elia Dagher
Presbyterian Church of Pakistan: Rev. Maqsood Kamil


Short Intermission


Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper
including Memorial Roll.



2.00pm 5.

Council for Congregational Life & Witness
Alternative Presentation

 – Fellow workers with God who makes things grow


Tea/Coffee Break

3.30pm 6.

Council for Congregational Life & Witness:
Report and Resolutions (pages 204- 235).

4.30pm 7.

Council for Social Witness: Report and Resolutions (pages 273-289).


Lapsed Business (if any)


Close of Business

Wednesday, 7th June
9.30am –     8.               

Council for Public Affairs:
Report and Resolutions (pages 261-272).


Tea/Coffee Break

11.15am 9.

Council for Training & Ministry:
Report and Resolutions (pages 273-289).

12.15pm –  




2.00pm 10.

Listening to the Global Church
 – Leadership in the Crucible


Tea/Coffee Break

3.30pm 11.

General Council:
Section 2 of Report and Resolutions 8 & 9 (pages 24-31 and 180).
Priorities Committee; Dialogue and Resources Task Group; Moderator’s Advisory Committee.

4.30pm 12.

General Council: Section 3 of Report and Resolutions 10-18 (pages 32-71 and 180-181). 
Support Services Committee; United Appeal Committee; Charity Registration Task Group; Use of Congregational Property Task Group; Holding Trustees Task Group.


Lapsed Business (if any)


Close of Business

6.00pm –  

SPUD will host an Assembly Fringe event in the Minor Hall: Young People and the Church.

This will include up front contributions and round table discussions as SPUD shares some of the input, conversation and discussion arising out of the 2017 Youth Assembly. A light tea will be served.

7.45pm –  

Evening Celebration: Everyday Disciples

Thursday, 8th June
9.30am – 13.     

Council for Global Mission:
Report and Resolutions (pages 290-314).


Tea/Coffee Break

11.15 14.

Council for Mission in Ireland:
Report and resolutions (pages 315-340).

12.15pm –  




2.00pm 15.

Council for Mission in Ireland
Alternative Presentation
 – Chaplaincy as Mission


Tea/Coffee Break

3.30pm 16.

General Council:
Section 4 of Report and Resolutions 19-28 (pages 72-119 and 181).
Relationships with Other Denominations Task Group; Doctrine Committee; Church Relations Committee.

4.45pm 17.

General Council: Section 5 of Report and Resolutions 29-37 (pages 120-179 and 182-183).
Engagement and Consultations Task Group; Nominations Committee; Guysmere Centre Task Group.


Overtures: Ad-Hoc
(pages 184-194).
Lapsed Business (if any).


Close of Business

Friday, 9th June
In Private    
9.30am – 19.

Judicial Commission:
Report and Resolutions (pages 341-349).


Overtures: Judicial Commission
(pages 350-354).


Special (Judicial) Commission:
Report and Resolution (page 355).


Commission on Applications:
Report and Resolution (page 356).

In Public  



Memorials Transmitted
(pages 357-358)


Report and Resolutions (pages 359-364).


Tea/Coffee Break


Linkage Commission:
Report and Resolutions (pages 365-391)

12.00 26.

General Assembly Business Committee:
Second Report and Resolutions 38-41 (pages 4-11 and 183).

Lapsed Business (if any).




2018 General Assembly

The 2018 General Assembly will take place from the evening of Monday, 4th June with the formal election and installation of the new Moderator. Business will commence on Tuesday morning and will close on Friday, 8th June #PCIGA18