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PW Volunteer Bank

Please consider volunteering to serve PW

PW Volunteer Bank is a similar idea to that of the PCI Pool nominations when the various Councils and Committees were formed. The PW Volunteer Bank will be composed of PW members who volunteer themselves for consideration for various roles in PW at local or central level. These include membership of the PW Panel, Resources and Wider World Editorial Subgroups, and willingness to assist at regional PW events e.g. Roadshows. There will also be opportunity to list skills, expertise, experience and interests in finance, IT, drama, publications etc. The submission forms will be circulated to each PW Group and each PW LINK as well as being available for download from the link below. The form must be filled in by you personally but you can encourage others to volunteer.

Volunteers for other roles can submit their forms at their convenience but we encourage them to do so by the Annual Meetings in May. We cannot guarantee that everyone who becomes a volunteer will serve on the PW Panel or a Subgroup. The Volunteer Bank will continue each year and names can be added or removed by request, at any time.

To register either download and complete the PW Volunteer Bank Submission form and return by email to or by post to PW, Congregational Life and Witness Office, 2-10 Fisherwick Place, Belfast, BT1 6DW; or complete the form online here.


Some of our most popular resources can be downloaded below. For a complete list, click here:

Sample of WiderWorld magazine (PDF document)

PW Information Slides (MS PowerPoint)

This is the Day (PDF document)

PW Group Focus – read about the life of some of our PW Groups.
Helpful Articles – an archive of some relevant  topics that were covered in the PW Wider World magazine.

Deputation Form – To be used if a Deaconess or a member of PW Central Committee is being requested.

     PW Volunteer Bank Submission form

     Annual Group Report 2016-2017 (office copy)

     Annual Group Report 2016-2017 (LINK Secretary's copy)

     LINK Secretary's Annual Report 2015-2016