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Published Wednesday, 19th July 2017

More information on the nature and scope of Presbyterian Global Mission’s work and partnerships is available online at:

France, Spain & Latvia

PCI partners with theological colleges training men and women for ministry and mission in the European context: the Faculté Jean Calvin (FJC) in Aix-en-Province; the Evangelical United Theological Seminary (SEUT) in Madrid; and the Baltic Reformed Theological Seminary (BRTS) in Riga.

Pray for staff in each of these institutions as they prepare for the new academic year ahead, and that they will teach with clarity and passion.

Pray that students will be well equipped for ministry.

Remember in particular those students who have recently completed their studies and are beginning full-time Christian ministry. 



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Laura Mulligan is due to complete her assignment in Donostia - San Sebastian, Spain with Grupos BĂ­blicos Unidos (GBU) later this month.  Since January 2017, Laura has spent much of her time mentoring students and encouraging them through times of fellowship and of study to help deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.  She is due to travel home to Northern Ireland next Friday, 28th July. 

Give thanks for Laura’s service in Spain and for her work with students. 

Pray for Laura as she readjusts to life in Northern Ireland and returns to university in September. 


This week Csaba and Ilona Veres are involved in leading an English children’s Bible Club in Tokoz church in Cluj.  A team of 12 people led by Myles Tyrell are working alongside a team of young people from the Tokoz congregation.  As well as holding the daily Bible club each morning, the joint team is also visiting elderly and home-bound members of the congregation in the afternoons. 

Give thanks for the joint team and pray that they will continue to work well together. 

Pray for the Bible Club and the outreach to the elderly and home-bound. 

Remember the Veres family over the summer; pray for health, strength and energy. 

South Sudan

The President of South Sudan has declared a state of emergency in part of the country’s north-west.  Tens of thousands of people have died in the ongoing conflict there which began in December 2013, and over two million people have been displaced from their homes.  In recent weeks, the fighting has also escalated in the east of the country.

Pray for an immediate end to all the violence and wrong-doing, and pray for successful peace talks.

Pray for those suffering displacement from their homes and who are in need of humanitarian relief, especially those facing food shortages.  Pray that each person will receive the assistance they need. 

Give thanks for the aid agencies working in South Sudan and in neighbouring countries providing humanitarian assistance to internally displaced people and refugees.  Pray for them as they continue this work to prevent further suffering and death. 

Remember especially the work of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan’s Relief and Development Agency seeking to help those in need. 

Pray for the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) and South Sudan Council of Churches as they continue encouraging peace and good relations between communities, and for wisdom and guidance for its leadership team seeking to lead the church during such difficult times. 

Pray too for international intervention to help bring about peace and also security for aid distribution. 


The Moderator, Rt. Rev. Dr. Noble McNeely and his wife Florence are going on a visit to Zambia, departing on Monday, 24th July.  There, they will visit PCI’s partner – the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Synod of Zambia and Diane Cusick, PCI global mission worker who is currently serving with them.  They are due to return to Ireland on Friday, 4th August. 

Pray for good meetings with the church leaders and with Diane. 

Pray that Noble and Florence will be an encouragement to all those they meet. 

Pray too for good health and safety throughout their visit. 


The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Zambia Synod has a vision ‘to be evangelical, hospitable, strong and self-sustained, united in Christ as one family of the triune God within and beyond the borders of our lands’. 

Ask God to help the church fulfil their vision. 

Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for those in key leadership roles, and that the church in Zambia may be strong in its faith and witness.


In their July / August Bulletin, Johnny and Lyn Dowds reported how encouraged they have been by recent visitors, as well as by other supporters from home.

In the next few months, the David Gordon Memorial Hospital will be working to strengthen the clinical and nursing department to ensure the high standards continue, and Johnny will be working on community projects. 

Give thanks for the encouragements Johnny and Lyn have received.

Pray for the strength and dedication of all the hospital staff to press forward with the goal to improve the health of the local community.

Pray that the proposals and projects they are currently working on will be accepted and come to fruition.

Pray too for the safety of staff and patients on the roads and on the lake. 


Rev. Eric Sarwar from the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan is at Fuller Theological Seminary (USA), studying for a PhD in Intercultural Studies.  He also continues to direct the work of the Tehillim School of Church Music and Worship (TSCMW) in Pakistan from a distance. 

Give thanks for the opportunity for Eric to study further, and pray that he will gain much from this experience. 

Pray for Tehillim School of Church Music and Worship, providing training, education, and music and worship resources for local churches across Pakistan.


Peter McDowell, PCI Mission Support Officer (Partnerships), has been on a visit to the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar (PCM) over the past ten days.  Peter departed on Sunday, 9th July and is due back again tomorrow, 20th July. 

Pray that this visit will have strengthened the partnership between the two churches.

Pray too that Peter will have a safe and trouble-free journey home.


A team of eight people from Dungannon Presbyterian Church, travelled to Dodoma, Tanzania on 16th July to work with the Kids4School Christian Charity.  The team will be involved in painting a Vocational Training Unit, paid for by the congregation; doing Bible stories and games in local schools; sharing in worship; and food distribution in local villages.  The team is due home again on 30th July.

Pray for the team as they prepare for the trip.  Pray that they will be united in every way and also serve and love well.

Pray for safety in travel and for good health.

Pray for the team, that they may grow in their faith, and that Christ will be glorified in all they say and do.

Pray that through the team's experience, Dungannon congregation will be challenged in its vision for the worldwide mission of Christ's Church.

Bible Societies in Ireland

Catherine Little from the Bible Society in Northern Ireland writes:

Pray for the economic, financial and political situation in Venezuela.  The economy there is dictated by and dependent on global oil prices and therefore has been struggling.  There is also a financial crisis with the value of their local currency falling rapidly, political instability and food shortages are also problems for everyone.  In the midst of this ‘chaos, anarchy and helplessness’ the Bible Society of Venezuela are still continuing their translation work and support of churches even though their staff are all in the midst of this national crisis.  Remember the staff and their families as they continue to work for God’s glory in very difficult circumstances.

The Ukrainian Bible Society are currently able to reach out to soldiers at military outposts in the East of Ukraine with Bibles.  Deputy General Secretary, Anatoliy Raychynets, and colleagues visited to distribute Bibles recently.  Anatoliy was shocked at how few soldiers had copies of the Bible, the Bible Society staff were able to send Children’s Bibles to these soldiers’ families as well.  Pray for this amazing opportunity to bring comfort to soldiers with words of Scripture at this time.

Give prayerful thanks for a recent gathering of Bible Society staff from over 100 countries in Sydney, Australia in early July.  This was a time of great blessing to be in the company of friends from Bible Societies across the world, to learn from one another, to think about the future and to pray for the work of our global fellowship to reach everyone with God’s Word.   

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