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Published Wednesday, 24th May 2017

More information on the nature and scope of Presbyterian Global Mission’s work and partnerships is available online at:

Global Concerns / Middle East

The conflict in Syria continues daily with bombings and shootings killing innocent people.  So many people across the Middle East and other parts of the world are also suffering from conflict or terrorist attacks, and the Manchester Arena bombing is very much on our hearts at this time. 

Pray for the people across the world affected by conflict or terrorism: remember those traumatised; those in mourning; those who are injured, or caring for loved ones who are injured; and all who continue to live in fear, especially those in or near ISIS controlled areas. 

Pray for a united international effort to bring about an immediate end to the fighting in Syria and a just and peaceful way forward for all the people of Syria. 

Pray too that all sides within Syria will seek peace and justice and an end to the conflict. 

Remember also our partner church, the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon. 



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East Africa

The food crisis / famine across East Africa continues daily.  Although it may not be hitting the news headlines, millions of people remain dependent on aid and some are dying due to malnutrition and starvation. 

Pray for those in urgent need of food, water or medical assistance to receive it promptly. 

Pray for rain to ease the crisis.

Pray for the control and prevention of diseases.

Pray for all involved in the aid effort – especially our partners – Christian Aid, Tearfund and the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan’s relief and development agency.

For more information on the Moderator’s Appeal for the East Africa Crisis and how to donate, go to:


Stephen Cowan writes, “The effects of the drought here [in the Tuum area] are cushioned by work programmes that are in place.”

Pray that the clouds in the area will turn to rain to provide water for people, animals and crops. 

Give thanks for the monthly adult teaching time in Tuum and for the impact of the faithful teaching of Scripture.  Stephen comments, “It is a joy to meet older people coming to the meeting, and hear them testifying to the presence of Jesus Christ in their lives.”

Pray for the evangelism that will take place at Loongerin over the next few days.

Pray for the Okiki’s witness in Wuaso Rongai as he meets with children in the primary school, people in the church and the garden where he is working on a food production project. 

Continue to pray for Kasoni as she visits schools and seeks to study via distance learning.

South Sudan

Tragically, violence continues in South Sudan, with people continuing to flee to other areas within the country or to neighbouring countries.  Figures suggest that over 3.5 million people have been displaced in a country of about 12 million: over 2 million internally displaced; and over 1.5 million have fled to neighbouring countries, including Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda.

Pray for an immediate end to all the violence and wrong-doing, and pray for successful peace talks.

Pray for those suffering displacement from their homes and who are in need of humanitarian relief, especially those facing food shortages.  Pray that each person will receive the assistance they need. 

Give thanks for the aid agencies working in South Sudan and in neighbouring countries providing humanitarian assistance to internally displaced people and refugees.  Pray for them as they continue this work to prevent further suffering and death. 

Pray for the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) and South Sudan Council of Churches as they continue encouraging peace and good relations between communities, and for wisdom and guidance for its leadership team seeking to lead the church during such difficult times. 

Pray too for international intervention to help bring about peace and also security for aid distribution. 


Lyn Dowds continues to serve as the doctor and Medical Officer in Charge at the David Gordon Memorial Hospital in Livingstonia in northern Malawi.  Johnny continues to be involved in local community projects.

Thank God for the medical and administrative work that Lyn and the other staff carry out at the hospital. 

Pray that the staff will have wisdom in treating and caring for patients. 

Pray that God’s love would be evident to all those who receive medical care through the hospital, the community clinics and Primary Health Care programmes.

Pray for Johnny and Lyn’s children Cody and Suni who are at boarding school in Zambia.

Overseas Delegates

Each year, several delegates from our partner churches around the world are invited to attend the General Assembly.  This year the following church leaders are expected to join us:-

- Rev. Vasco Kachipapa, General Secretary, Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Nkhoma Synod, Malawi.

- Rev. Alfred Kanga Mugendi, Deputy Secretary General, Presbyterian Church of East Africa, Kenya.

- Rev. James Makuei Choul, Executive Director of Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan.

- Rev. Fadi Dagher, Moderator, National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon.

- Rev. Maqsood Kamil, Deputy Principal, Gujranwala Theological Seminary, Presbyterian Church of Pakistan.

- Mr Artis Clemins, Principal, Baltic Reformed Theological Seminary, Latvia.

- Rev. Zsolt Barta, from the Institute for Practical Theology at the Reformed Theological Academy in Pápa, Transdanubian Reformed Church District, Reformed Church in Hungary.

Pray that Rev. James Makuei Chol will get his visa very soon, so that he is able to travel.

Pray for safe and trouble-free travel for each of the delegates.

Pray that their visit will strengthen the partnership between the church each of them represent and PCI.

Bible Societies in Ireland

Catherine Little from the Bible Society in Northern Ireland writes:

We have heard from our colleagues in the Bible Society in Georgia who recently revisited an area where many refugees from the 2008 Russian – Georgian war are still living having been unable to return home.  There are approximately 270,000 internally displaced people in Georgia who won’t be able to return home.  Sadly like refugees in many places around the world they have been forgotten and left to try and survive in these new ‘temporary’ homes.  The Bible Society in Georgia hopes to be able to supply more Bibles to these people, there is a real openness and excitement about this.  Pray for these displaced people and many others around the world who feel like they are forgotten – God knows them.

Bible Societies all over the world are involved in creative and innovative ways to engage people with God’s Word.  The Bible Society of El Salvador have recently launched their new Bible comic ‘Fear Not’ during the national Comic-con event (a convention which focuses on comics and includes big names like Marvel).  This comic will reach out to a new audience with the Bible.  Pray for the impact of ‘Fear Not’ on the intended target audience.

As we think and reflect on the awful, harrowing scenes from Manchester this week we remember and pray for the friends and families of all connected to this tragic event.  These scenes are repeated regularly across the Middle East so pray for Bible Societies in this region as they reach out with the God’s Words of Hope, Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness in a world which often seems void of these things.  ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it’ (John 1:5)

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World – 27 May to 25 June 2017

The vision of ‘30 Days of Prayer’ is to call Christians to pray with love and respect for Muslims around the world during Ramadan (27th May – 25th June 2017).  Interserve produced a special prayer guide and information booklet and over the next few weeks, Prayerline will feature one prayer request from the booklet for each day:

Saturday 27 May         Pray for families to meet Jesus as they eat and pray together.

Sunday 28 May           Pray for Tunisia, for those who have lost livelihoods as a result of the downturn in tourism will find other ways to support their families.

Monday 29 May           Pray for mutli-cultural North America, for Christians to share Christ’s love with their Muslim neighbours.                              

Tuesday 30 May           Pray for revelation about the Good News in cultures where it is not known. 

A limited number of the Prayer Guide and Booklets which contain more prayer points and informaion, can be purchased from the Mission Department in Assembly Buildings, on a first come, first served basis, at a reduced cost of £1 per copy.  Copies of the booklet can also be purchased from for £2.50 per copy. 

Anyone wishing to order copies from the Mission Department should place your order by telephone: 028 9041 7263 or email: as soon as possible. 

For more information on 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World – go to



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