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20.9.2017 | Social Witness, Mission, Reformation 500, Blog, Discipleship

Each week different authors contribute their thoughts on a variety of subjects on the PCI blog. If you missed them, here's another chance to catch up.

Since we began posting, some 70 contributors – PCI staff, global mission workers, ministers, the Moderator and others – have posted over 100 blogs, on topics as diverse as discipleship and the Reformation, to child protection, the benefits of a good bike for refugees and asylum seekers.

In this weekly catch up, you can visit for the first time, or revisit again, some of the last few week's offerings.


A privilege to share the gospel: David Farrow is director of Thompson House, which provides supported housing to offenders. In his blog, he describes what it offers for the men resident there, as well as highlighting the challenges and privileges of this work. You can read David's blog here.


Take the risk and go deeper: Andrew Dawson is a community outreach worker at Second Dromara Presbyterian. In his blog he talks about the need to take that step to go deeper with people, to build trust and sometimes to just take a risk for Christ. You can read Andrew's blog here.


The fulfilment of the harvest: Richard Gibson reminds of us the absolute certainty we can have in God, knowing that He is in control of all things. You can read Richard's blog here.

What is church?: This is the very question that the PCI Youth and Children’s Project asks this year. Ruth Bromley tell us more about the Project in her blog. You can read Ruth's blog here.




Printed word: Presbyterian Herald editor, Sarah Harding, provides an insight into September's edition of the denomination's magazine: You can read Sarah's blog here.





Foot washing: Pauline Kennedy considers how Jesus washed the feet of His disciples in an act of humility and servanthood, and asks how much are we investing in the lives of others? You can read Pauline's blog here.

The Moringa Tree & cultural blocks to peace: Fitzroy Presbyterian minister, Steve Stockman, reflects on a recent visit to Uganda and a particular tree that comes with a considerable taboo – and some of our own. You can read Steve's blog here.

Be prepared: Harvest time is a busy time for farmers – and good preparation is key. David Reid was a farmer before he became a minister, and in his blog he talks about preparation of an eternal kind. You can read David's blog here.

Is the Reformation still relevant? Part 1: In part one of a two-part blog, Jonathan Boyd offers a personal perspective on how the Reformation changed the world around us and still does. You can read Jonathan's blog here.

Disciple Makers Network:

Last year a brand-new initiative called Disciple Makers Network was launched. In his latest blog Rick Hill shares the experiences, insights and perspectives of five people who took part. You can read Rick's blog here.

Do you want to come on a Little Day Out?: Ruth Bromley writes of her desire to see the littlest of children learning the big truths about God and of an event for 4-year-olds and under that will help them to do that. You can read Ruth's blog here.

Is the Reformation still relevant? Part 2: In the second part of a two-part blog, Jonathan Boyd looks at Luther’s view on the Lord’s Supper, how the reformers weren’t above criticism and how as a result of the Reformation, we can enjoy freedom of speech. You can read Jonathan's blog here.


What do you treasure?: In his latest blog Robin Fairbairn reminisces about a time when he and many other farmers kept a few pigs – bringing to mind the story about pigs recorded in the gospels and the miraculous healing Jesus performed. You can read Robin's blog here.




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