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28.7.2017 | Congregational Life, Mission in Ireland, Mission, Farming and Rural Life, Reformation 500, Blog

Each week different authors contribute their thoughts on a variety of subjects on the PCI blog. If you missed them, here's another chance to catch up.


Since we began posting, over 40 contributors – PCI staff, global mission workers, ministers, the Moderator and others – have posted over 100 blogs, on topics as diverse as discipleship and child protection, to the benefits of a good bike for refugees and asylum seekers.

In this weekly catch up, you can visit for the first time, or revisit again, some of the last few week's offerings.


Printed word: Presbyterian Herald editor, Sarah Harding, provides an insight into July/August's edition of the denomination's magazine: You can read Sarah's blog here.


To everything there is a season: In his blog, Ian talks about the coming and going of the seasons. While writing how farmers can’t escape the seasons, he also talks about a particular season he is facing in his own life and how it is important to be prepared. You can read Ian's blog here.


A brief guide to Luther: Part 2: As PCI celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in October with three special events, in his second blog, Professor Laurence Kirkpatrick continues to the paint the picture of the man and his legacy. You can read Laurence's blog here.

'That'll do, come home': In his blog, Ronald Annett reflects on the relationship of a dog and its master, but also what it means for us if Christ is our Master. You can read Ronald's blog here.

A lasting impact?: Mark Welsh reminds us of the names and legacies of those we read of in the Bible that will not fade from memory, but will have eternal significance – and how we might have a lasting impact too. You can read Mark's blog here.

A Reformation Woman: Part 1: As we continue our series of blogs on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, our attention is now turned to Katharina von Bora and her eventual marriage to Martin Luther. You can read Martyn Cowan's blog on the subject here.




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