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21.4.2017 | Global Mission, Presbyterian Women, Mission in Ireland, Farming and Rural Life, Vision for Society, Blog

Each week different authors contribute their thoughts on a variety of subjects on the PCI blog. If you missed them, here's another chance to catch up.

Since we began posting over 40 contributors – PCI staff, overseas mission personnel, ministers, the Moderator and others – have posted over 70 blogs Nepal to Kenya, on topics as diverse as discipleship and child protection, to the benefits of a good bike for refugees and asylum seekers.

In this weekly catch up, you can visit for the first time, or revisit again, some of this week's offerings.


In pursuit of peace: In the penultimate blog in a series of five on PCI's Vision for Society Statement, Karen Jardine reflects on its fourth paragraph. Writing in today’s blog, she paints a simple picture of what pursing peace can look like. You can read Karen's blog here.




Who is my neighbour?: In an increasingly diverse and transient society, it can be difficult to really get to know our neighbours. And if they happen to come from an Islamic background, the barriers in our minds can seem to grow. In his blog, Mark Welsh asks how how should we respond and reach out to our Muslim neighbours? You can read Mark's blog here.



Our congregations: Hubs for Reconciliation: In this fifth and final blog in the series on each of the five paragraphs of PCI's Vision for Society Statement, Joe Campbell reflects on the last paragraph and recalls an event during his time in Nepal, writing “Reconciliation for them was not the restoration of the status quo; rather it was the beginning of something completely new.” You can read Joe's blog here.




A word on women's ministry: In her blog Pauline Kennedy reminds us that we need to look again at God’s words and God’s perspective before we utter our own, particularly when considering women’s ministry. You can read Pauline's blog here.




It has to be this way!: In his blog, Kenneth Patterson remembers reaping a harvest in a more traditional way, but reflects on how there is a sense that the seed must die for new life to come. A wonderful analogy for Easter, and what Christ did for us by his death and resurrection. You can read Kenneth's blog here.

A reflection on my first year: Nathan Duddy is the 28-year-old minister of Arklow Presbyterian Church. In his blog, he reflects on his approaching first anniversary there and describes the church family that makes up this small County Wicklow congregation. You can read Nathan's blog here.



Mosquito nets and blankets: Since 2011 Lyn Dowds has been serving in Malawi, but she has found that the longer she remains there the more she is surprised by events and discoveries – especially when she visits the villages. You can read Lyn's blog here.




Tots and Co.: Lynda McFaul serves as a Deaconess in First Carrickfergus Presbyterian Church. For her blog, she talks about the parents and toddlers group they hold in the Church halls each week – sharing what happens and why they do it. You can read Lynda's blog here.



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