The Church in the Public Square: ‘Economic Hope: A biblical road map for a just society

18.1.2016 | Church in Society, Union Theological College, Church in the Public Square

The fourth conference under the theme ‘Church in the Public Square’ was held on 9th October 2015 to discuss society’s approach to the economy and a just society. The series of conferences brings together leading thinkers in the UK and Ireland to consider how the Church can work together with others in the wider community for the common good.

Entitled ‘Economic Hope: A biblical road map for a just society,’ and was organised by the Council for Church in Society and the Church’s Union Theological College in association with the Jubilee Centre, the Cambridge-based Christian social reform think tank.

The conference discussed a biblical framework for leaders in church and business, as well as Christians in public leadership, to identify the relational dimension of the issues that society faces today.  It explored the language for understanding these issues and strategies for tackling them in a way that reflects God’s intentions for national life.

The Speakers

Dr. Michael Schluter CBE

Dr. Michael Schluter is the founder of the Jubilee Centre, a Christian social reform organisation that offers a biblical perspective on contemporary issues and underlying trends in society, which are of relevance to the general public.

The leader of the Keep Sunday Special Campaign, he trained as an economist before working as a research fellow with the International Food Policy Research Insti-tute, and consultant with the World Bank in East Africa.

Dr. Schluter delivered two of the conference topics: The Jubilee Vision and The Yeast Strategy.

Dr. Paul Mills

Dr. Paul Mills speaks to international audiences on the Bible and finance. A former UK Treasury official, he is an elder at a Baptist church in Fulham, London and has worked as a Financial Economist both in the UK and the United States.

Dr. Mills delivered the conference topics: The Debt Delusion and The Devine Economy.

The Talks

The Jubilee Vision: an alternative framework for society and public policy in the 21st century


The Divine Economy: how we should truly seek the prosperity of the City while protecting the vulnerable


The Debt Delusion: how to bring relief from our addiction to government and private debt


The Yeast Strategy: Transforming businesses and public sector organisations

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