Christians encouraged to pray for Syria on Sunday

16.12.2016 | Mission News, Global Mission, Prayer

On Sunday 18th December, Christians in Syria are holding a special time of prayer for their country, which has been devastated by almost six years of war.

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s Convener of its Council for Global Mission, Rev. Dr. Liz Hughes, is encouraging congregations and Christians throughout Ireland to join with their Syrian brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for this worn-torn nation.

The campaign has been organised by a group of church leaders in Syria from different denominations, who have issued a special invitation for Christians around world to join them in praying for Syria. 

“It is especially significant that this call to prayer has been initiated by the Church in Syria, where 400,000 people have been killed, 4.8 million people have fled the country and 6.3 million are internally displaced,” Dr. Hughes said.

“In the past week, the ancient city of Aleppo has been hitting our news headlines daily and we have been reminded yet again of the destruction and ongoing violence in the country.  We cannot imagine what life is like for ordinary people trying desperately to survive there.

“Yet despite the tragedies, we receive reports from our partner in Syria, the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon, of Christians continuing to meet together to worship the Lord, and provide assistance without distinction or discrimination.

“Can I urge people to pray for Syria, to cry to the Lord for an immediate ceasefire throughout the land, and to pray that all involved in the conflict will strive for a just and peaceful way forward.

“Please pray for the people of Syria, remember those traumatised and in mourning; those who are injured, or caring for loved ones who are injured and all who continue to live in fear.  Pray that medical and humanitarian assistance will reach all those in need and that those who have fled their homes, will find warm shelter and security.”

Dr. Hughes concluded by saying, “Please pray also that as Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus – Immanuel - 'God is with us,’ - that our Syrian brothers and sisters in Christ will know that Light of Christ breaking into the engulfing darkness.”

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