Youth Night

Youth Night

Youth Night is the annual gathering of young people throughout the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, which traditionally happens at the end of General Assembly week at the beginning of June. 

The Assembly Hall is taken over by young people and in recent years the emphasis has been to promote youth participation as much as possible.  There is also a desire to encourage and equip churches through the event, as well as Gospel based programme which seeks to make disciples.

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Young people enjoying Youth Night 2017(UN)Faithful was the theme of Youth Night 2017, looking at a faithful God and His unfaithful people.

Mel Lacy of Oak Hill College in London helped those gathered to consider the message covenant faithfulness from the book of Hosea.

Also in the programme was the story of Hosea presented on the “Jeremy Bile” show, Jill’s story, and the unforgettable tension provided by the “Goldenballs” game.  Worship was led by the Youth Night band and our hosts Kirby and Nathan made their Youth Night debut. 

All these Youth Night elements are available as part of a new four session resource, which is called (UN)Faithful. The programme starts with the Book of Hosea and uses a covenant theology framework. The video, which was played at Youth Night will gives a flavour of what is instore.

Four sessions will help young people understand the blessings and responsibilities of being part of God’s covenant people, but will also help them address from that biblical viewpoint the three key tasks of growing up – establishing Belonging, Identity and Significance as God intended.

(UN)Faithful is free to download and is video based. Leaders can register to download the resources here.