Bonus Pastor Foundation

Global Mission

Romania, Europe

The Bonus Pastor Foundation (BPF) seeks to help those who suffer from alcohol, drug and other addictions, and recovering people and their families, combining social, medical and psychological assistance with the sharing of the Gospel.

In Romania's population of 23 million, around 15% of the adult population are estimated to have a problem with alcohol. Drug-consumption and gambling are also growing problems.

Bonus Pastor Foundation (Latin for 'Good Shepherd' Foundation) is an NGO with a Reformed Christian background. Working since 1993 in Cluj, BPF works primarily in the regions of Cluj, Tîrgu Mures and Odorheiu Secuiesc.

With the help of its 14 staff and many volunteers, BPF offers treatment, support and prevention through a wide range of activities: treatment programmes, camps, pastoral visitation, counselling, training, public awareness, charity work and local support groups.

To date, hundreds of people have attended BPF's programmes. Many of them have experienced transformed lives through God's grace and BPF's ministry.

Contact Details:
Central Office
B-dul Pandurilor nr.73/2
540505 Tîrgu Mure

T: +40 (0)365 420384
F: +40 (0)265 254460

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