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Zomba, Malawi

Help Theological Education by Extension (TEEM) to add much needed titles to its stock of library books.

Theological Education by Extension Malawi (TEEM), which is jointly run by the CCAP and the Anglican Communion in Malawi (ACM), provides lay training programmes for churches throughout Malawi. It has offices in Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

Along with Zomba Theological College (ZTC), TEEM is part of the Board of Theological Studies of the University of Malawi, with each institution fulfilling a vital role in providing sound, biblical and contemporarily relevant theological thinking.

This not only benefits the students but also wider society and, in particular, churches, as they seek to address the very many challenges (such as HIV and AIDS, deforestation, sustainable development, poverty) that the Malawian society is facing in these days.

In order to be effective in this task, it is important that TEEM continues to add new books to their library stock. However, purchasing quality theological books is not easy for libraries in Malawi because the books they require aren’t available in the country. This means they have to be bought elsewhere (for example from the UK) and shipped to Malawi, which effectively doubles the price of the books, further draining already meagre resources.

What is needed?

The funding required by TEEM to purchase the new books they need is as follows:

25 subject book sets required @ £50/ €60 per set = £1,250/€1,500

It is suggested that, if possible, donations to this project should be in multiples of £50/€60, which is the cost of one book set.

But donations of any size, large or small, will be gratefully received by TEEM.

To find out how you can support this project, contact the Global Mission Office by email or telephone +44 (0)28 9032 2284, quoting the Project Reference P-1203-01. 


All donations (large or small) to this project, will be greatly appreciated.

Individuals, groups or congregations wishing to support this project, should make their donations through the Mission Department, Presbyterian Church in Ireland, 2-10 Fisherwick Place, Belfast, BT1 6DW.

  • Cheques should be made payable to 'The Presbyterian Church in Ireland'.
  • Each donation should be accompanied by a covering letter clearly stating the name of the individual, congregation or group making the donation, along with the name of a contact person, postal address and day-time telephone number.

Please note that congregations wishing to support any of our Special Projects are honour bound to first meet their United Appeal target for the year in question.


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