Sam Scott

Mission in Ireland

Eglinton, north Belfast

Sam began serving as a community outreach worker with Eglinton congregation in the Ballysillan area of North Belfast in August 2016.

Eglinton congregation is very aware of the mission field and needs that can be found on its doorstep, and are seeking to take big steps to reach out and care for their community.   Sam’s role is to be their ‘Men and Community Worker’ - to be active in community projects, loving and serving the community in a practical way and to co-ordinate programmes that will serve and attract people, such as Messy Church.

Eglinton congregation link up with other great works in the area, such as the Bluehouses, Christians Against Poverty, the local community centre and even local schools.  Together they seek to make a positive impact on the people around them.

Sam is also working with the men of the congregation, in particular those who are on the fringes of church life.  He wants to make a special effort to reach out to men, to encourage them to come to church, and challenge them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sam grew up in Ballymena Congregational Church, and after studying at Cornhill for two years, he worked for them on a part-time basis as a local community worker for a year.  He recently got married to Kerry-Lee.

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