Naomi and Thomas Leremore, returned to Kenya in early 2008 and are based, together with their two sons, in Nairobi.

Naomi serves with the Sunday School Department of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) focusing, through the curriculum committee, on the writing and revision of Sunday School materials. She is also working with the Theological Education by Extension Department (TEE) in the production of a new diploma course in the Holistic Nurturing of Children.

After the 2007 post-election violence in Kenya, Thomas began his work establishing the PCEA Peace Desk. His role was to train church and community leaders on conflict resolution mechanisms and to facilitate intercommunity dialogue.

Thomas also developed the Certificate and Diploma curricula on Peace and Conflict Studies, run through the Presbyterian University of East Africa (PUEA). His work with the PCEA Peace Unit has now finished.

Latest Report

February 2018

Team Challenges
Our 10 year old son Aaron recently took part in a fund-raising competition with a group of his friends. It was a tough 10km course involving mountain biking through jaggy long grass, a smelly river, up and down slopes without tracks or signposts, and an obstacle course finale. The parents and siblings formed their support team. We were able to meet up with them at the check points where they got water, food and lots of hugs to cheer them on for the next leg.

On a scorching hot day, the ‘Horrendous Hogs’ team stuck together and finished the course with one minute to spare! It is amazing what a group of enthusiastic and determined friends can do.

Rev. Patrick Muthungu (the former Theological Education by Extension director) in his farewell devotions from Acts 2:1-13, reminded our writing team that we can be energised by Jesus and united in our purpose and performance. The teams’ purpose is to complete the fifth book in ‘The Crossing’ series for teens. Our target finishing time is 2nd April this year. We need to stay united as we work to fulfil the assignment we’ve been commissioned to do.

We must also remain united in prayer, because it’s only through prayer that we have come this far on the journey. We need you too on our prayer support team, to refresh and encourage us on this final leg.

The new TEE director made his first contribution to book 5 and the team cheered for him! He suggested the name “Mwangaza” for a character in our fictional story. This is the Swahili word for light. As the book addresses the question teens ask: “How can I make an impact on the world?” we hope the light of Christ will shine through every page in answering it.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the unity of the TEE writing team in purpose, performance and prayer. Ask God to strengthen and empower the team as we write this final book together.
  • Thank God for the new TEE director, Rev. John Gatu, who is beginning to feel at home among the writers.
  • Pray for protection of the team and their families’ health. Remember Thomas who has been unwell recently.
  • Pray for Rev. Patrick Muthungu as he begins a new ministry in Ruai West Parish, which has nine churches.

General Prayer Points

  • Naomi as she writes Sunday School and TEE materials.
  • Thomas in his role as a peace consultant.
  • For daily protection and the good health of the whole family.

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Nairobi (GPO)
East Africa

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