Michelle Purdy



Ballyclare; Carrickfergus Presbyery

Michelle has been a Deaconess at Ballyclare Presbyterian Church since 2013.

Inducted in Ballyclare in September 2013.  The job description is huge!  I know she is presently establishing ‘Messy Church’ and it is going well and also involved in door to door work. 

Job Description: Developing new links with the Community, Encouraging and motivating the Church members to embrace the vision for mission and helping them to put the vision into practice. Following all potential pastoral leads and opportunities arising from Crosslink warm contact opportunities. Developing pastoral support and evangelistic groups against ongoing identified needs.  Participating in community based activities undertaken by the church under the general heading of The Church Has Left the Building.  Collaborating with the ministry team and Kirk Session in reviewing how Ballyclare Church does church Contributing to the on-going spiritual input of the ministry team.

Latest Report

Sometimes when I am thinking about what to say in a talk or what I am going to say as I lead a service, I pick a ‘theme’ word and then search for it in one of the online Bible websites that I use. As I was thinking about writing this report the word ‘continue’ sprang into my mind. For this word sums up that I am still a deaconess in Ballyclare and that I am still doing the duties that I talked about in previous years. I tend to view that negatively when I sit down to write my report but I looked ‘continue’ up on the website I use and, in most of the contexts used, it was positive. I particularly associate this particular word with the apostle Paul as many of his writings call us to persevere and when he uses the word ‘continue’ it is mainly to praise and encourage his readers for their faithfulness to God and to carry on following and growing in Him.

So, I am encouraged to write that I continue to attempt to be faithful to God as I visit with elderly members of the congregation, lead the Bible study group that was formed from those who attended Christianity Explored last year, coordinate and lead Messy Church and the Foodbank. This word search also helped to remind me that the work is not mine, but His, and that, while I cannot always see the fruits of my labour, I will be rewarded for my faithfulness.

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