Volker and JinHyeog Glissmann served with Operation Mobilisation in Russia from 1997 to 2000. Out of this experience they developed a strong desire to continue to serve Christ's church.

In 2010, the Glissmanns began to work in Malawi with TEEM (Theological Education by Extension in Malawi) a nationwide, distance-learning theological institution. TEEM epitomises everything they long to be part of, especially its new focus: providing training for leaders in rural congregations.

Volker is Director of TEEM, which offers a Diploma in Theology, accredited through the University of Malawi, along with Lay Leadership Courses designed to help lay ministers and local church leaders.

Much of JinHyeog's time is taken up with running the home and looking after their three children. However, after being Director of Music in Harmony Hill Presbyterian Church for three years, she was keen to find an outlet for her musical gifts, which she now has through teaching a music course at Zomba Theological College.

A United Appeal video highlighting the work of Volker and JinHyeog Glissman in Malawi with TEEM (Theological Education by Extension in Malawi), a nationwide, distance-learning theological institution.
United Appeal // Global TEEMwork from Presbyterian Church in Ireland on Vimeo.

Latest Report

February 2018

Volker is the Executive Director of one of PCI’s long-term partners in Malawi: TEEM (Theological Education by Extension in Malawi).

When we do training, I tell our groups to imagine that I brought a chicken. Then I ask them if they would prefer that I eat the chicken and then tell them how good it was for me and how it tasted; or would they prefer to eat the chicken themselves, get the nutrition and work themselves through the joyful feast of chicken? Naturally, everyone prefers to eat the chicken themselves. We use this analogy to challenge them to study our Bible courses themselves, instead of waiting that I tell them the answer.

At the moment, I am writing a new course about the life of Jesus. A course that will need to deliver nutrition, a course that feeds the mind and heart, a course where people can meet Jesus, a course where they hear him speak. At the moment I am ‘cooking’ this course, making sure that it is nutritious and that the original flavours of the gospels show. A course in which people can meet Jesus – the heart of Christianity. I have two groups waiting for me to finish ‘cooking’ this course, these are the same people that ‘ate’ my Old Testament course. They are ready to ‘eat’...

Prayer Points

  • Praise the Lord that there is such an excitement and motivation from the previous two groups to continue. This is very exciting.
  • Pray that the course writing can be finished as soon as possible and that the result will be a ‘feast’.
  • Continue to pray for safety on the road as our daughter travels every day from Zomba to Blantyre for school. Malawi has the highest road traffic death rate per travelled kilometre of a car. We are very grateful for your prayers.

General Prayers Points

  • For the family's continuing adaptation to life in Malawi, adjusting to the culture and learning another language.
  • Thanks that the children have settled in well and have made new friends in Malawi.
  • For TEEM: that it may fulfil its role and potential in serving the Church and equipping leaders for more effective service.
  • For wisdom for Volker, along with openness to the Holy Spirit's prompting and guiding, as he seeks to give leadership and clear direction to TEEM's activities and all those involved in its vital ministry.
  • For JinHyeog as she focuses on running the home, looks after the children, and teaches music at ZTC.
  • For good health and daily protection for the Glissman family; and that in all they do, say and are, their witness will bring glory to God.

Contact Details: c/o TEEM
Private Bag 25
Central Africa

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